August 1




The girl begged me to cut her hair.

I resisted.

Truly!  because while I can cut a man’s hair like no body’s business…girls hair is a mystery to me.

She begged and begged.

She used those sad sweet eyes on me.

She knows my weakness.

So I made her raise her right hand and swear that she would not be angry when I messed it up.

So I cut her hair.

Then I promptly took  her to the salon to have it fixed.

I tapped my stylist on the shoulder and said “I need you to fix it.”

Stylist:  What did you do this time?  Did you cut your hair?

CC:  No, hers~~pointing to the girl.

Stylist:  Not again!

CC:  Sorry.   She begged, and your such a great fixer.

Stylist:  You need your scissors taken away.

CC:  giggling ~~I know!   I know!

How can I resist a face like this?



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10 thoughts on “August 1”

  1. I used to cut my oldest son’s hair while he stood at the sink, brushing his teeth. He had very curly hair (and was 2) so a I couldn’t mess it up. Thank goodness we moved close to the hairdresser sister-in-law before the other children were born!

  2. Looks cute. Also looks like your dad standing beside her at his church. I got my hair cut yesterday. It looks okay, but nobody cuts it like your mom.

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