August 31

My dad has always been able to fix stuff.


It doesn’t matter what it is, he can fix it.

Unfortunately, Superman is not a fixer, so every so often a phone call is necessary.


Dad: Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Small Engine Repair?

Dad: Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Heating and Cooling?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Plumbing?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Electrical?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Automotive?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Construction?

Dad: Yes it is.

CC:  Good.   I have some construction supplies laying in my side yard, can you come do something with it?

Dad:  Of course.   I’ll be right over.

I really like this Teal’s thing…he is always right over, and the price is always just right.


August 30

Generally I put a funny video on Sunday’s because my Sunday mornings are all busy with that getting ready for church and all.

Today, I want to know what was the best part of your day yesterday.

Mine?   Watching my girl laugh.

Laughter makes me happy.


August 29

I have always been one that longs for things I can not afford, and decide to be content with what I have.

And it works.


I am quite content with all that I have.

At least I was, until….

Until this past week, when I went to visit with some family and a family member pulled out his Nikon D40x.

His Nikon D40x did not have cream colored paint schmears on its camera body.

His Nikon D40x did not have scratches on the viewing screen.

His Nikon D40x did not have flour and cake batter crusted in the grips on his 18-135 kit lens that has been threatening to completely stop working altogether the next time it is taken into the kitchen.

His Nikon D40x did have this 18-200mm, auto-focus-vibration-reduction lens attached to it along with some fabulous digital flash.

It was a glorious sight to behold.

Then he allowed me to take pictures with it.

Instantly I became rather discontented with my 18-135mm auto focus BROKEN lens, and suddenly I can not remember the 10th commandment.



August 28

Hey Internet, it is Friday, and I am nosy!

If you didn’t know already, I’m a total contradiction in every. way. possible.

I totally love expensive things, I’m also one of the most frugal people I know.

I enjoy spending time with people, but I’d much rather stay home.

I enjoy solitude, but I hate to be alone.

I love to travel, but I hate all the driving to get there.

I love to go fast, but please…not when anyone else is driving.

I have never met a piece of chocolate that I didn’t love, but I do not like chocolate cake.   Oh, I’ll eat a piece if that is all there is, but chocolate cake just doesn’t taste chocolate….why bother.

So Internet, I’d love to know how you are contradictory.

Please let me know I’m not alone.


August 27

I’d love to tell you that the last 2 weeks, spent without my beloved computer was spent on the couch watching Oprah and eating bon-bons.

I’d love to tell you that the time I spent using the boy’s lap top was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had using a computer.

Let me just pause here to say playing Farm Town on a lap top is torture.

Pure, unadulterated torture.

Alas, bon-bons and Oprah were not on the to do list.


No.   Those two weeks were spent painting.

Painting spindles, and floor with oil based paint.

Waiting for  it to dry, then giving it a second coat of paint.

Painstakingly painting color onto spindles in 95º heat.

Waiting for it to dry in the glorious air conditioned house in front of a lap top, wringing my hands…waiting for my computer parts to be in.

Adding more color to spindles, listening to the neighbor man blast Aerosmith from his garage.

Now that it is finished, the weather has cooled off.

My timing leaves a lot to be desired.