July 24

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

The other day I was thinking about my childhood, and how much fun I had playing with my sister…when I wasn’t trying to kill her.

I want to know what was your favorite outdoor game as a child.

Mine was hide and seek.

Sister couldn’t hide for anything, and she was slow.

I always won.


July 23

Remember when we decided to paint the front porch?

And remember that y’all thought that it might be done by now?

Well, you must understand that even though Superman works very hard at his 1.5 jobs, when he walks in the front door…all work stops.

Superman turns back into Clark Kent.

About 3 weeks ago, the boy ripped off all the carpeting.

Only problem is, that who ever glued that stuff down, mucked the glue all in blobs.

Which left ginormous glue/carpet blobs all over the plywood.

Blobs that must be scraped up with putty knives before painting starts.

And to get Clark Kent out there and working, I offered to scrape too.

There is a lot more to be done.

A lot.

Any bets on when it will be finished?

I’m thinking 2020.


July 22

About 12 years ago, Superman and I moved to the country, and we lived there for 5 years.

I love the country.

I love the peace and quiet that comes from not having neighbors weed wack their lawns at 6:30 in the morning, or stay up till 1am with their music blaring and kids screaming like wild banshees all. summer. long.

I love the fresh air.

I love the fact that neighbors are willing to give you 2 gallons of raw milk a week.

For 2 years I had a free supply of milk

Then the friends moved away, and we moved to town.

And Chocolatechic was appalled at the price of milk, and stopped purchasing it.

For 7 years.

But guess what?

I now own a cow.


I named her Tartare.

Actually, I don’t own a whole cow, just a part of a cow.

It is called herd sharing.

Because I own part of a cow, I get to drink her milk.

You know what comes along with milk?


See that lovely darker line…that is all glorious cream, Internet.

You know what comes along with cream?


And y’all know how much I heart buttah.

I’m gonna show you how I make it.

First you skim the cream off the top of the milk.

I got 2 quarts of cream from 3 gallons of milk.

It is important that you let the cream sit on the counter till it becomes about 60º.

If you do, butter will happen in about 10-15 minutes.

It takes much, much, much longer to make butter if you skip this step.

Then you hand these jars over to your slaves chips, and have them shake.

And in about 15 minutes you have butter.

Now you drain your butter.    The leftovers???

Buttermilk, baby.

Real buttermilk.

Now it is time to wash your butter.

Dump it into a bowl and fill it up with cold water.

Get a flat spatula, and swirl the butter around.

The water will turn milky.

Drain the water and smoosh the butter against the side of the bowl.

Repeat till the water is clear.

This is after about 5 washes.

I did another 2 or 3 before the water was clear.

If you don’t get the water clear, your butter will go rancid.

Salt your butter.

Stir it all up.

Scrape out all your dry butter and put it in a container.

I got about 10 ounces of butter from those 3 gallons of milk.

Thanks Tartare.

You are my favorite cow.


July 21

When I was little, people were always giving me jello thinking it was the best thing since the ball point pen.

Mom:  oooh loook CC, jello.

CC:  thinking~~ I don’t like jello mom!~~ What kind of jello?

Mom:  Orange and look!  it has fruit in it.

CC: I want a cookie! are there any brownies? cake? anything?~~Wow mom…fruit.  Shoot me now!

Today’s TWD is Blanc Manger, which roughly translates into white jello with fruit eating white .

Uhh….didn’t make it.

If you like jello….with fruit, then go check out Susan’s blog at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy,Chewy she has the recipe.

Next week is something great, and I’ll be making that one.


July 20

Hey there Internet.

I missed you.

First, no one is dead, sick, or in the hospital…unless you want to count my inbox which is suffering from the 200+ messages, or my feed reader which is about to faint under the weight of just under 100 feeds.

But something serious did happen.

Something so important that made it vital that I turn you off.

But I’m glad to be back.


Because a morning bowl of cornflakes with 4 cups of sugar, doesn’t taste very good when your not reading emails.

The cats began to hork up hair balls all over the place due to not getting their hairball treats while I read my blogs.

I didn’t know what to wear, because I didn’t check the weather every morning.

Crops die on Farm Town when you don’t harvest…unless you beg your son to do it for you on his lap top, and he sighs and huffs and puffs…Oh Internet, it isn’t pretty when a 19 year old man huffs and puffs.

And the news…did y’all know that Walter Cronkite died?

You did?

Oh, yeah…that happened days ago.

PS.   Here is my Friday nosy question…

What would you do with yourself if your computer or your TV wasn’t turned on for 4 days?


July 15

Growing up, my dad fixed everything.





Washing machines.

Sink drains.

If he couldn’t fix it, it couldn’t be done.


I followed my dad around like a little lost puppy dog.

He taught me how a carburator worked.

All about cam shafts.


5/16th sockets, and how to hang sheet rock.

He has taught Superman how to change breaks on a car.

He’s taught the boy how to roof, how to install electrical stuff, and that if you take care of your tools, they will take care of you.

He is always there to lend a helping hand.

Thanks daddy.

You have created one huge legacy.

And an even bigger mess in your garage.