19 thoughts on “July 31”

  1. Red… is that cherry? Real red, not pink-ish or one of those fancy “creme” or “tropical” flavors… just good old fashioned original flavor LifeSaver RED.

    When I was a kid, an older friend of our family, “Aunt” Esther, used to give all four of us girls a LifeSaver “Book” every Christmas. I am almost 40 years old, and she gave me one last Christmas. Makes me teary just remembering. Thanks for bringing up a happy memory this Friday morning!

  2. Probably cherry or pineapple.
    At Christmastime, those Lifesaver books have a TON of butterrum rolls in them. Like you know how each side of the book has five rolls in it, one whole side is usually butterrum. At least that’s what we’ve discovered, because the kids don’t like them. Just an FYI.

  3. Cherry has always been my favorite. I don’t eat cherries, but I’ve always loved cherry candies, like Life Savers & Jolly Ranchers. I love strawberries, but I don’t really care for strawberry candies. Guess I’m weird.

    I also like the pastel Easter Life Savers. I think there’s a raspberry in there, and they are delicious.

  4. When my grandfather gave up smoking back in late 1950s, he switched from cigarettes to Lifesavers. It was a boon for me as I got to try all sorts of flavors…his favorite was clove and my favorite was butterscotch…plus I always had a Christmas gift to give him — a book of Lifesavers. Thanks for reminding me as it’s such a happy memory!

  5. I haven’t had Life Savers in years. But there were not many that I would turn my nose up at.

    I recall my mother always having a fresh roll in her purse, pocketbook to her, she would give 1-2 to my brother and I in hopes that it would keep us quiet in church! Usually it worked but we did not get them until after the singing and if we acted up we didn’t get a second one.

  6. I’m so addicted to the Peppermint ones!

    It all started with my Uncle. He was so gruff – and well, just generally not nice. But on the sly he’d slip a peppermint into my little hand now and then. He got me hooked.

    I’ve been on IV antibiotics for the past week (with 6 more weeks to go) and have this WRETCHED taste in my mouth that I was trying to battle with Lifesaver Peppermints. I have to say, I think I’m pepperminted out. I’m trying Jolly Ranchers – the home health nurse said since they’re so strong they tend to be popular with infusion patients. The jury’s still out!

  7. Ask your Dad if he remembers Leonard Madison from the old church. He used to hand out lifesavers to the kids and say, “Remember. Jesus is YOUR life saver!”

  8. Love the red ones…don’t like the green ones.
    I don’t think I’ve had a butter rum one brfore…maybe I’m missing something!

  9. I too like the red ones. I remember getting the books of lifesavers for Christmas from church. Those were the days.

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