July 30

The other day I walked passed the window and saw this.

And I began to recall being 16.

Laying out in the sun.

Slathered in baby oil.

Listening to Huey Lewis and the News on the cassette player.

Drinking sweet tea.

Gossiping with friends about the guys in our youth group.

To this day, baby oil still smells a bit like burning flesh to me.

But at least I was tan, and when your 16…that’s about all that matters.


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20 thoughts on “July 30”

  1. Huey Lewis on a cassette player-yes
    gossip with friends about the guys in youth group-oh, yes
    slathered in baby oil, suntanning-no. Oh how I wanted to but unfortunately I only burn, and when the burn fades, I’m left with a spotted tan. Thankfully, my children have their father’s skin and get a lovely shade of golden brown in the summer sun. Not a freckle on any of them!

  2. I always love your updates on the chips!

    I have always loved Huey Lewis & the News-maybe I should play one of their cd’s now…

  3. OH my… who didn’t lather up with Baby Oil – while lying on one of those silver shiny mat things and had the water sprinkler going at the same time! We were baking – don’t ya’ know… but we were tan! LOL

    It was the 80’s – who knew the dangers of skin cancer? πŸ™‚

  4. Love Huey! Had a number of his cassettes. “I want a new drug….” πŸ˜‰ ahh, the day. And Rick Springfield–ooh la la! “Jessie is a friend…”
    I do remember slathering on the baby oil, but there were times when we were out and my friend and I would douse ourselves with butter! Yes, that’s right–butta! A)What a waste of butter-actually I think it was margarine. B)Can you say majoy sunburn! C)Why didn’t anyone stop us?
    Because we were 16! Great post!

  5. Your baby chip is such a fair young lass with that creamy complexion many of us only dream of. I hope that she didn’t stay out there too long.

  6. God bless you and your family. You seem so close and its fun for me to remember those days with my girls. This year my baby turns 40.

  7. She looks comfy πŸ™‚ I don’t bother trying to tan…I burn, blister, peel really bad, and then turn white again πŸ˜›

    I’m so pale, people don’t believe I’m from Florida.LOL!

  8. When i was 16, we did that too. We even used cooking oil…to cook our skin, lol. The hot local radio station WKEE FM even had tan tones, every 30 minutes they would sound them and you were supposed to turn so you tanned evenly. My sister and I used to lay out on the roof of mom’s Washouse, facing away from the road so that the dirty old men’s wives didn’t complain about them looking at us. lol

  9. I can smell the baby oil and hear Huey Lewis now. good times. now I wear SPF 30 and mind boys instead of gossip about them.

  10. I did some sun bathing with Coppertone listening to late 60’s music…I was never very good at it though…couldn’t stand to just lay and cook…

  11. Katrina – One time my little sister and her best friend couldn’t find any tanning oil so they decided to use Crisco. Crisco?!? My sister is a natural red head so she burnt to a crisp, her friend faired better since she had Cherokee ancestory. They were about 8 or 9 and didn’t know better, silly girls.

  12. I remember those times…
    Do you remember that one February in Moore that it was very warm and we laid out and got a sunburn? I still think about that almost every February when I am freezing. Those were the days, and I still love Huey!

  13. I read this and suddenly felt very . . . old. When you said Huey Lewis and the News, I realized that was like my parents listening to . . . Buddy Holly or Fats Domino. Ack!

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