July 28

I am a purist.

I always have been.

I like my steak only with salt and pepper.

Steak sauce is to mask the flavor of a steak that’s been cooked beyond recognition or in my case…anything past medium rare.

I like my diamonds large and in a setting all by itself.

All those teeny-weenie diamond chips that you need a magnifying glass to see…fugetaboutit.

But my ice cream.

Well, that’s when the area begins to gray a bit.

Lynn of Cafe Lynnylu picked today’sĀ  TWD of Vanilla Ice cream.

Vanilla is just so…well…vanilla.

And vanilla is just so…not chocolate.

But if anything, TWD has shown me that not everything has to center around my beloved chocolate.

So, I figured that if I was going to make vanilla, it was going to be the best vanilla I could make.

Free range eggs.

Raw cream, and raw milk.

One of my very few, very precious plump vanilla beans.

And I followed Dorie’s directions to a ‘T’.

I cooked it, and cooked it and cooked it.

But it just wasn’t getting thick.

So I cooked it some more.

And then…my custard broke.

Beyond all repair.

I almost cried.

But I am of the opinion “waste not, want not”, so I soldiered on, and made it into ice cream anyway.

And because I just couldn’t get away from the pull of my beloved, chopped up Snickers went in too.

This ice cream is the best vanilla ice cream I have ever eaten.


Even without the Snickers.

And, Internet, I have eaten a. lot. of. ice. cream in my 39 years.

Want the recipe?

Go check out Lynn’s blog.Ā Ā  Please go check out her blog and make this ice cream.

Your summer will not be complete without it.


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51 thoughts on “July 28”

  1. *SNICKER* I made a Snicker’s sundae out of mine!

    God BLESS you for the link you sent me.

    This is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten. I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t intervened.

    Your ice cream looks fabulous dahhling!

  2. That great that even if it seems to have been ruined it still churns (ha) out great! Definitely gotta add SOME kind of chocolate to it. Mmmm, Snickers!

  3. It looks great in the end though! I am making my 1st ever handmade ice cream tooa nd having some issues….yes day 2 and I’m still trying to make it with David’s method. Ugh!

    When you say your custard broke, what does that mean? I heated mine past the temp (read my thermometer wrong -duh!) so maybe I messed it up too.

    1. It broke, means that I took it beyond the temperature that it should have been, and the eggs curdled.

      It also means that I didn’t use a thermometer, because I mistakenly thought that since I had made many custards before that I could ‘eyeball’ it.

      I was oh. so. wrong.

  4. Great rescue! Was the milk/cream from Your Cow?

    My 2 cents, for what it’s worth: the custard won’t be thick at 170 degrees, but the top foam will change in appearance ever so slightly.

  5. Wow, what a delicious close up of your luscious ice cream!

    Here’s a tip for your Tanja…I will cook my custard until it reaches 165F, then take it off the heat. The custard will continue to heat until the desire temp. I use this method, and it never fails.

  6. I believe you. I do. But I haven’t made homemade ice cream since 1984. That’s when the ice cream maker broke and it’s been all downhill since.

  7. As always, your photos are awesome. Then I got to the pile of Snickers, followed by one Snickers chunk tenderly nestled in the side of a scoop of ice cream. ::thunk:: I want some.
    Beyond great save!

  8. That’s a real testament to this recipe that the custard breaks and STILL makes the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted. I’m sure the Snickers didn’t hurt one bit. šŸ™‚

  9. I have to agree that this is the best vanilla ice cream I have eaten too. I’ve also managed to resurrect slightly curdled custard into ice cream before

  10. Is that what broken looks like? Hmmm…it looks like it worked out fine to me. Happy to see you got that chocolate in there…so cute peeking all out and about like it is. Lovely photos…how did you get the ones with the vanilla bean to look so amazingly detailed? Kudos.

  11. YES!!! It was a wonderful, divine ice cream. Will make again and again, and again, and….

    Glad it turned out in the end.

  12. OK. I was drooling at the pictures. THEN when I got to raw cream and raw milk and fresh eggs, I was, well, jealous. But when your custard broke, I almost cried with you. I am so glad your ice cream turned out good in the end. (The best vanilla ice cream I have ever had was with raw milk, cream, and eggs and not made into a custard. Just milk, eggs, cram, and sugar in an ice cream maker. Simple deliciousness.) Thanks for the great post.

  13. Glad you loved this, and I bet the snickers were great with it! I was having problems with my custard going too far. It would curdle before it even reached the temperature….and then realized it was the thermometer I was using.

  14. I want to come to your house, both to eat what you cook and to borrow your light! I had egg bits too, even after I strained the custard, but you couldn’t tell in the finished ice cream.

  15. I am so with you on this – it is AMAZING vanilla icecream. I almost skipped this because I thought, I have vanilla icecream from the store in my freezer. Boy, I am glad I made it. Love the addition of the Snickers. When I made the peach icecream, my custard did the same – but the freezing process is very forgiving, and it makes no difference.

  16. I love your pictures!! I’ve been dying for a chocolatechic post..haha. Vanilla is my favourite flavour no matter how much I love chocolate, but I love how you always manage to sneak in some chocolate!

  17. *Sigh* You added Snickers. I just knew you’d do something great with this. I’m making a note in the book for next time. This really was an incredible vanilla!

  18. Mmm, I love Snickers. I don’t think I’ve ever tried them in ice cream, though. And I love your pictures of the vanilla bean.

  19. This was not the post to read while trying to diet! šŸ˜› Too bad the Internet doesn’t have a scratch and sniff feature (yet!). I love your photos.

  20. Yum-snicker ice cream-how decadent! You would never know your custard broke by looking at the last photo. Thanks for making ice cream with me.

  21. Your pictures are unbelievable. Good for you for soldiering on with your custard, and adding Snickers to boot – I’m beginning to think freezing custard covers a multitude of sins.

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