July 25


It is Saturday.

Superman is out of town on business.

The boy is away for the weekend.

It is just the girl and I.

I knew this about 3 weeks ago, so I began to make plans.

Now it is supposed to rain.  again.

Right when I have plans.

Somethin’ is seriously wrong with that.

Maybe we can pretend we are swimming.


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13 thoughts on “July 25”

  1. Maybe you can play in the puddles and pretend you’re swimming?

    In doing some menu planning, I looked through the rather large stack of recipes I have pulled out of magazines and haven’t filed away yet. Near a recipe, I saw some recommended book titles, one for “The Home Creamery: Make Your Own Fresh Dairy Products” and I thought that might interest you.:)

    Have a fabulous Saturday!

  2. Oh, I know, I know – I live in Western New York State. This has been a “weird” summer. I can’t wait for it to be over. It has been so dark and dreary… and yet I still live here…..I do love the 4 seasons. Hmmm, perhaps some years we only have 2 seasons! When my guys are gone, it usually means no cooking. Hope you have a nice day, anyhow.

  3. I feel your pain,we had major storms here in Eastern Iowa last night when my dd had a pool party planned. Eleven teens in a pool is doable, eleven teens in my basement… not so much.
    I don’t think we’ve had a week without rain this summer.

  4. you can come over to my house and help me shoo the tourists off my lawn? they love to park and pee on our lawns over here on cape cod. I’ll feed you! LOL

  5. I missed it, what was plan C? We took our daycare kids to a sprinkler park the other day. You could stand out in the rain and pretend you are at the park in Englewood. (it was free! We like free)

  6. How about an at home spa day? You already got the hairstyle, now just add mani, pedi and maybe a facial and you have a great afternoon of pampering! Whatever you do with the rest of the day, enjoy.

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