July 24

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

The other day I was thinking about my childhood, and how much fun I had playing with my sister…when I wasn’t trying to kill her.

I want to know what was your favorite outdoor game as a child.

Mine was hide and seek.

Sister couldn’t hide for anything, and she was slow.

I always won.


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  1. As I hit the 12 year or so mark, my favorite game became flashlight tag for sure. Although I was never a fast runner, I knew of great hiding places!

    Before that, I just loved playing school. Very fitting, since I became a teacher, hahaha!

  2. Playing dress up and all time favorite is hide n seek. In fact we just played it indoors(huge hall) at the reunion we attended this summer. I just had to play too! And , no, I was not the only adult carzy one!!! It was sooooo fun!

  3. We called it “swing the statue” and my sisters and I played it a bunch – along with “kick the can”, hide and seek, rock school and hopscotch I think we made up rock school – but we had fun.

  4. Red Rover was my all time favorite game. We always played with next door neighbors, the FIshers. They were the perfect family. They had 4 sets of twins…all girl/boy sets, and all of their names started w/ a “D.”

  5. Hide and go seek has always been my favorite. I also like Sardines, which is basicly hide and seek in reverse. One person hides, then everyone else tries to find them and hide with them. Great fun to play with Youth groups. 😉

  6. After watching “Combat” with Vic Morrow, we’d get all hyped up to go out and play war. An old drive shaft made a great machine gun, and a curtain rod attached to a crudely made stock made a great rifle. We made helmets out of paper mache formed around a basketball. They stunk, but they looked good. Toy bowling pins made great granades. We had a WONDERFUL time killing each other over and over again. Now days, if we played that way, we’d be sent straight to a therapist to find out what evil lurked in our past that would make us so mal-adjusted. But, the truth is, every night we went to bed without a scratch, we were loved by our parents, believing in God, and, all in all, pretty well adjusted and normal kids.

  7. I was and will always be an indoor girl. But if physical activity and sweating were required, I’d say Red Rover was my favorite.

  8. Ghost in the graveyard! (Hide and seek in the dark!)

    We had neighborhood kids for 6 – 16 who would play. We had a blast after the sun went down. Especially fun hiding in the gardens… rows of tomatoes and corn made for great cover!

  9. I liked riding my brothers bike. I also loved playing outside at night during the warm days. We would play hide & seek at night. Girls remember starlight, starbright, hope I see a ghost tonight? We liked to lay on a blanket and watch falling stars!
    I can still hear the night sounds and smell the & feel the air, listening to dad and mom sitting on the steps talking and laughing.

  10. Kick the Can and Run Sheepy Run. I wish I could remember the purpose of that last one. We were all over the neighborhood having fun. What an innocnet time it was in the the early 1950s

    Oh yeah there were a couple of times we crept through the local cemetary and dared each other to go into the masoleums(sp?) My parents, sister and children do not know this about me.

  11. As a child, I HATED going outside. In fact, my friends from school come to my house and ask my mom if I would come outside and play. I would always tell her to tell them that I’m busy. I would stay in my room and read or play Barbies, and my mom would end up going out and playing with my friends. haha I still stay inside longer than most people.

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