July 23

Remember when we decided to paint the front porch?

And remember that y’all thought that it might be done by now?

Well, you must understand that even though Superman works very hard at his 1.5 jobs, when he walks in the front door…all work stops.

Superman turns back into Clark Kent.

About 3 weeks ago, the boy ripped off all the carpeting.

Only problem is, that who ever glued that stuff down, mucked the glue all in blobs.

Which left ginormous glue/carpet blobs all over the plywood.

Blobs that must be scraped up with putty knives before painting starts.

And to get Clark Kent out there and working, I offered to scrape too.

There is a lot more to be done.

A lot.

Any bets on when it will be finished?

I’m thinking 2020.


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10 thoughts on “July 23”

  1. Hi there CC, that’s a nasty project all right. Maybe an electric sander? Just grind that gunk right down, very satisfying!

  2. I’m sure you can find a power tool to finish the job. Wear pink while doing that and eat lots of chocolate…hopefully it won’t be long before the job gets completed.:)

  3. Oh I hate chores like that one. All the best with it. Course, if you make supper for your daughter’s youth group, they could get it done in no time. That’s how I used to handle all such chores. ;D

  4. You might try a “heat gun” to soften the glue. Local rental store might have one. You might try your hair dryer to see if that will work. If that doesn’t work, I have a big hand held grinder in my filithy, messy ,saw dust laden garage/work shop

  5. awww none of the stuff I want to do around the house seem to happen quickly either. I turn into a worthless blob when I get home from work.

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