July 21

When I was little, people were always giving me jello thinking it was the best thing since the ball point pen.

Mom:  oooh loook CC, jello.

CC:  thinking~~ I don’t like jello mom!~~ What kind of jello?

Mom:  Orange and look!  it has fruit in it.

CC: I want a cookie! are there any brownies? cake? anything?~~Wow mom…fruit.  Shoot me now!

Today’s TWD is Blanc Manger, which roughly translates into white jello with fruit eating white .

Uhh….didn’t make it.

If you like jello….with fruit, then go check out Susan’s blog at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy,Chewy she has the recipe.

Next week is something great, and I’ll be making that one.


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18 thoughts on “July 21”

  1. I used to swish my Jello and spit it out on my spoon and pretend it was medicine. I don’t like Jello, nor do I like medicine. Triaminic in food form, nuh uh.

  2. Jello is not my favorite food ever either. But my mom always made orange jello with crushed pineapple and shredded carrots in it. The carrots dont taste but add a nice crunch.

    Did that just gag ya? My oldest son LOVES that jello salad so I would make it for his lunch. Cool jello while working on hot construction site = refreshing- so I am told! His boss would just gag hearing about it. OF course the boy wanted to take it to work everyday then!!

  3. I didn’t think this was jello-y. More like a ton of whipped cream that was thick enough to stand up. No chocolate, but not too shabby.

  4. LOL LOL If it’s not chocolate… it is not welcome in Chic’s house. That’s the end of it. LOL LOL

    Well… the picture’s nice anyways.

  5. When I was a child I was so excited when eating at a friend’s house and mom said, “Eat up we have a special treat for dessert.” You guessed it; it was Jello with fruit. Not so special and I was quite disapointed. I gues so it’s over 50 yers and I still remember.

  6. Wow!
    I didn’t know that so many people don’t like Jello!!
    I like the stuff and always eat it when it is served and all the more enjoyable if there is fruit and cool whip/marshmallow cream mixed in to boot!!

    I’m sorry that you don’t do jello as I know you’d do a great job. I’m going to head over to Katrina’s site to see how she got chocolate in there. =D

  7. I always associate jello with being sick. Any time I was sick there was jello. I do like dishes made with jello in them,but the plain stuff…..forget it!

  8. You don’t like jello??? How can anyone NOT LIKE JELLO??? LOL. I have seen those who have made this into a chocolate dessert…yep, they did. I sort of expected that when I came visiting here today. See you next week.

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