July 20

Hey there Internet.

I missed you.

First, no one is dead, sick, or in the hospital…unless you want to count my inbox which is suffering from the 200+ messages, or my feed reader which is about to faint under the weight of just under 100 feeds.

But something serious did happen.

Something so important that made it vital that I turn you off.

But I’m glad to be back.


Because a morning bowl of cornflakes with 4 cups of sugar, doesn’t taste very good when your not reading emails.

The cats began to hork up hair balls all over the place due to not getting their hairball treats while I read my blogs.

I didn’t know what to wear, because I didn’t check the weather every morning.

Crops die on Farm Town when you don’t harvest…unless you beg your son to do it for you on his lap top, and he sighs and huffs and puffs…Oh Internet, it isn’t pretty when a 19 year old man huffs and puffs.

And the news…did y’all know that Walter Cronkite died?

You did?

Oh, yeah…that happened days ago.

PS.   Here is my Friday nosy question…

What would you do with yourself if your computer or your TV wasn’t turned on for 4 days?


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19 thoughts on “July 20”

  1. We were on vacation and had very(I do mean very limited) access to the internet, so I feel your pain. But if it was at home, I would probably catch up on things that have been falling behind because I tend to much to my farm or visit my friend in Yoville.

  2. I did a 4 day computer fast for Easter and it was amazing what I got done. I did crafting and reading and so many other projects that it was liberating. I really need to do that more often.

  3. You were missed. And I’m glad that no one was sick, in the hospital, or died.

    I would probably cook or clean if not on the computer. I spend way too much time on it.

  4. go to the craft room…make cards, eat too much chocolate and spend time text’ing or talking on the phone ….
    or go to the beach and sip cool drinks & eat chocolate bon bon’s

  5. crochet, read, cook more, clean more, probably shop more….all those things i used to do, bwahaha

    We finally got our tv converter boxes and it’s been on twice. I see I haven’t missed a thing, there.

  6. I am glad you back and hope everything is OK.
    Read, read, read.I actually did without TV for about six months a few years ago and I did not have internet at home.

  7. I had major reconstructive orthopedic surgery on March 4th – the first 8 weeks were spent with my toes elevated above my nose. I was only allowed 5 or 10 minutes at a time with my foot lower than that.

    Eight weeks.

    You don’t even want to know what you inbox looked like.

    I’m actually still catching up!

    Finding a balance – some sort of groove – really is important, isn’t it? My family gets VERY cranky if they don’t get the stuff they need to live life. My husband has every right to get cranky (although he pretty much never does) if I’m not taking care of stuff – cause he drags himself out the door at o’dark thirty every morning to a job he doesn’t adore – in order to provide for our family. I eventually had to come to a place where I had to choose to honor HIM, if nothing else!

    Sigh… so easy to spend an inordinate amount of time doing stuff that’s OH so very fun!

    1. I understand completely what you are saying. When I first got on facebook, I spent way too much time on it and ignored the important things of life. It’s too easy to do, and many things suffered because of it.
      I now limit my time, and have found that it doesn’t have the same pull for me. I now use it as a tool instead of what it was becoming – an addiction.

  8. CC, Welcome back! I missed you! 🙂 Glad to hear all is o.k.

    I have two small boys, so I only allow myself 1/2 hour in the morning & a little more time in the evening once they are in bed, for my computer time. I do have my daily internet friends that I have to visit, or my day just doesn’t seem normal. LOL I’m so glad you’re back, so I can feel normal again. LOL

  9. Glad you’re back and all is okay. I kept checking the blog everyday just to see if you had a change of heart. I think I would be okay without my computer or tv. I could read a good book.

  10. Welcome back!!! If I wouldn’t use the computer and tv for 4 days I’d probably get some sewing done, more baking and cooking and read more books, take longer walks with my dog and sleep more…..

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