July 15

Growing up, my dad fixed everything.





Washing machines.

Sink drains.

If he couldn’t fix it, it couldn’t be done.


I followed my dad around like a little lost puppy dog.

He taught me how a carburator worked.

All about cam shafts.


5/16th sockets, and how to hang sheet rock.

He has taught Superman how to change breaks on a car.

He’s taught the boy how to roof, how to install electrical stuff, and that if you take care of your tools, they will take care of you.

He is always there to lend a helping hand.

Thanks daddy.

You have created one huge legacy.

And an even bigger mess in your garage.


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22 thoughts on “July 15”

  1. WOW! You’re quite the handygal! I wish I had those mad skills with power tools!!!! I’m not afraid of them, I just lack the skills! It sounds like your Dad is quite the teacher!!!!!

  2. My FIL is like that too…handy with everything and luckily he passed it down to my husband. I’m impressed to see you handling those power tools. What are you making?

  3. Over the years, I’ve aquired a number of power tools (with a little help from my wife). I thought I was doing pretty good ’till I saw your Dad’s line-up. I’m jealous! He can’t beat me on a messy garage, though. I’m king there!

  4. I don’t have a garage or I could do that stuff too,Tanya. (My kids would be scared to death that I might cut something off other than wood. They don’t trust me!!!)

  5. I know that you all have on your eye glasses but you should be following Norm Abrams advice and wear safety ones – w/side shields to protect your eyes!!

    Great work and I can’t wait to see that base in place under the new slave!!

  6. You are so fortunate to still have your dad. He must be one great guy and to have had the patience to teach you those things.

    My dad was good with things like that. If we needed a room built on the house, he did it. If the pigs needed to be worked on, he did it. But he never had the patience to teach us kids to do things.

    My mother on the other hand had the patience of Job. She taught me lots.

  7. I am impressed. I sorta wish I had learned to be more self sufficient. The first time I tried to repair plumbing I crunched a hole into the U pipe under the kitchen sink. That was after I went out and bought the huge wrench in order to “make the repair.” I called a plumber.

    When my diamond ring feel down the drain I almost got the U pipe off, without crunching a hole in it but I could not get it all the way off. I had to ask for help to complete the job. Ring was found and saved!

  8. Hi there, Tanya…
    I like your blog, and this post brought back so many memories. Like you, I followed my dad around. He taught me woodworking, and auto maintenance. I still have a footlocker that he helped me paint to use as a hope chest. My dad taught me so many important life skills. A marine, he used to take us for walks through the woods and teach us survival skills. I learned how to keep myself nourished and sheltered should I ever get lost in the woods.
    Anyway, I loved all your pictures, too. Cool!

  9. Way to go! I also followed my father around and learned a lot. I love woodworking and at one time had a little shop in the garage. I still save every little scrap of wood I can…someday I hope to get a little area in the garage set up again. I still have and use Papa’s old table saw! I would love to have a band saw…it is the next tool on my wish list. Got a router for my birthday one year and a huge box of drill bits and tips for Christmas a couple years ago!
    Jose and I built a base for my dryer…it would be nice to have one for the washer also but I don’t think we would be able to lift it up on it.
    I’m glad to see that your father taught you well!

  10. I miss my dad. I miss him yelling “WHERE ARE MY VISE LOCKS?” He always insisted we use the right tool for the right job.

  11. This is my favorite post. I love this so much and really enjoyed it. I wish I knew how to do all that stuff! Jeremy is going to teach me to work on cars….

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