July 14


It comes to us all, many times every single day.

It comes to my cats every morning when they can not get to this female cardinal who chirps and twitters on the Rose of Sharron hedge just feet from where they lie in the window sill.

The male mocks them and flies here and there, protecting his female and the nest that is close by.

It comes to you today, when you realize that I didn’t make today’s TWD.

I didn’t make it because it just didn’t sound good to me.

Please don’t be hatin’ but brioche has never been something that I am overly fond of.

My apologies to Denise of Chez Us, who picked today’s Brioche Plum Tart.    If you want the recipe to see what I’m missing out on, check her blog.   She has the recipe.


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21 thoughts on “July 14”

  1. Oh CC those pictures are so lovely. I get a lot of cardinals here but I never see them up close like that. If I took a picture it would be a little burry blob. You are quite talented:)

  2. LOL As I’m reading your post, looking at your pictures, my cat is sitting at my office window starting at the bird feeders hoping and praying a bird will come along. We too have a Cardinal (male) that frequents one of the feeders. Not sure what the cat things he’s going to do about should the bird actually appear; but he sits and waits. Hoping.

  3. Lovely cardinal! Bad-minded cats!
    I remade the brioche this morning with only chocolate chips, walnuts and brown sugar and it was yummy. I’m just saying…

  4. I agree about the plum brioche. I’ve been participating in TWD on the sidelines ~ don’t think I’ve been put in the blogroll yet. But I just can’t bring myself to have enthusiasm for the plum brioche.

  5. Beautiful photos of the cardinal. Even though I’m somewhat dejected about my tart, I would try Clivia’s in a heartbeat. Brioche, chocolate, walnuts…

  6. The only brioche I’ve ever had was this huge chocolate and almond/ almond paste croissant/roll thing. It was very good and very big and very chocolatey and it didn’t have plums. Plums are gross.

  7. The pictures are lovely ma. You captured the femininity of the female cardinal and the protectiveness of the male. Great job!!!!!! Have a peachy day y’all!!!!!!

  8. I’m not a plum fan or a brioche fan but… I really think you could have “tweaked” the recipe to make it super yummy!!!
    Great pics, although I’m not a bird lover. I quit feeding them years ago when the ingrates kept pooping on my deck.

  9. Life’s too short to be making something that doesn’t sound good…LOL. I was going to nix this, too, story on blog, but ended up making it and the guys ended up liking it with the changes I made in fruit. I won’t make it again, though, as this morning, it was all soggy on the bottom from the fruit and we don’t like soggy anything. It was good yesterday…and today I scraped off the fruit to use for oatmeal topping and that worked fine. Love the little birdies!

  10. your post reminds me of the birds that keep beating me to my tomatoes. every time I have one that is almost perfectly ripe I find a hole where a bird got to it first!

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