July 13

I am sitting here, awaiting 8: 21 am to roll around so I can get in my car and go to the dreaded dentist appointment, at which time he will re-bond my permanent retainer to my teeth, and drill a hole in a molar.

Good times, Internet, good times.

I am about to go get me some rice crispies and put as much sugar on it as I can, because I believe in going big, or going home, and since I’m on my way to the dentist office, I figured I’d give him something to look forward to.

Don’t all dentists dream of scraping sugared rice crispies out of teeth?


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8 thoughts on “July 13”

  1. Have fun!!

    You should take your camera and have someone take pictures of your dentist working on your lovely teeth. Then do a post on one of your desserts. LOL

    1. Well!

      I teased him about eating sugared rice crispies.

      And they schmeared on topical numbing.

      I told him I blogged about him, and he suggested that I didn’t need a numbing shot as my cavity was wee tiny.

      I said, go for it.

      But I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I smelled my tooth being drilled into and thinking “time out….smoke…smoke…smoke”

  2. Yes, absolutely….Sugared down rice krispies are the BEST way to go! Hopefully, you can tease the dentist and that won’t make things so bad! Lots of luck to you!

  3. I used to go to a dentist named Dr. Hazelbaker. Gorgeous was not good enough to describe him. They always had to use the suction thingy a lot because I couldn’t help but drool!!!lol

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