July 10

Hi Internet!

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Since I have been busy in my mud room one excruciatingly long day forever, and I showed you the horror that was underneath my washing machine, I have to know…

How long has it been since you have moved your washer and cleaned under it.

Bonus question~~if you moved it today, what would you find under there?

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  1. I got a new washer and dryer about a year and a half ago so that was the last time that I cleaned under them. I think the only thing that you would find is lots of lint…I am constantly sweeping my laundry room (since it’s also the entry room from the garage) so there doesn’t seem to be lots of stray things on the floor.

  2. We live in an apartment and can’t really move ours. But if we did, I’m sure I’d find enough lint to knit a sweater!

  3. If there was dirt under my washer, you would find dirt/dust/lint and socks. And maybe some undies too. However, since we’re on a well and don’t have a proper filtration system, we end up with icky sediment in the hose leading into the washer – which I need to clean out periodically to even get water to flow into the machine. And sometimes, if I don’t reattach the hose properly, and then go to turn the water back on, water sprays EVERYWHERE! So, cleaning up water from under that damn machine is a 3-4x/year activity. Not enough time for lint/dirt/dust to build up. Grrr. I’d much rather have the lint/dirt/dust uner the damn machine than water!

  4. Euhm…. about 2,5 years….. since it was moved to the spot it lives in now.

    Under my washer would be dirt and probably some spilt soap….. 🙂

  5. I live in a townhouse…the attached house next door flooded in January…thank goodness water did not get under the washer & dryer…or should I say I wish it had so I could clean…nope! Besides…it is too much work to move those darn things. Right?
    I don’t even want to think about what is under there!!! icky

  6. We just moved into our house 2 weeks ago and the washer came in it so there’s no telling what you’d find. I’m guessing some dead roaches the size my head though.

  7. Clean under the washer and dryer? We’re supposed to clean under there too?

    What would I find under there? Well, hopefully all the socks with no matches. Where DO they go anyway?

  8. I used to move mine around periodically and vacuum under because they were in a back room with dogs ick… but you know whats super gross moving your fridge after its been sitting there for oh say 6 yrs. Not pretty!

  9. We just moved to a new house, so I guess that the dust bunnies are only starting to form. When we moved out of our apartment though, we found a baby diaper (amoung other things) under the drier.

  10. We moved ours a few months ago, had a leak under the washer. Was quite dirty. But i know it needs moved again to be cleaned under. Now under the stove & fridge, that is a different story!

  11. Mine is too heavy to move, it has concrete in it for counter-weight and the dryer sits on top of it. I use a wrapped yard-stick to clean under it.

  12. We just moved ours a couple months ago. I had looked down the side for a wayward sock and went eeeeek! So we pulled it all out and scrubbed and vaccuumed.

    I know there are at least two clothes-pins under there right now.

  13. Well, I don’t qualify for this question because we just moved into our house a month and a half ago. But normally, I try to pull out the washer and drier once per year and sweep/mop under it. It usually has alot of dust/pet hair and silly little odds and ends like a pencil, small rubber ball, or a broken hanger. Oh, and don’t forget the sock that I’ve always been looking for forever.

  14. Did I miss the memo that says you are to move your washer and clean?? Oh my goodness. I suppose you might find the million dollars I buried there a long time ago, keep forgetting that I buried it there!

  15. the slacker in me is ashamed to admit it, but I clean under my washer and dryer a couple times a year. But I do have an excuse, there isn’t good ventilation behind it, so I need to move and clean the dryer in order to have it dry well, and as long as i’m back there I push the washer out too. Usually there are socks, soap, countless cat toys and small boy things. Plus enough soap to make me wonder if it actually ever gets into the washer. Once I found a cell phone that had disappeared a month beforehand.

  16. It’s either I don’t recall or I plead the fifth. Uhmmm, what might I find? Same stuff I find in the sofa cushions and maybe all those missing socks. Wonder if John’ll help me move it this afternoon…

  17. Well, the good news is that the repairman was here just a couple of months ago and pulled everything out and I DID get a chance to clean. The bad news? We live in an old, mostly falling apart house, and there was evidence that we are NOT alone.


    So I know for sure that there’s a mouse trap or two back there, but that should be just about all!

  18. Huh? …are washing machines made to be moved? I thought they were bolted in when delivered…

    What you’d find under? Hummmm… probably all those socks it’s been digesting for years!

  19. My wife makes me clean under there & the stove and fridge once a week…. she told me that was normal!!!!!!!!!!

    Has she been snowing me or what????

  20. I haven’t moved them since they arrived 5 and a half years ago. If I moved them today, I’m sure there’d be lots of dust, tons of lint, a hanger or two, and a few socks that match the ones I finally threw away.

  21. We moved here three months ago. It hasn’t been long enough to move it and clean under it. Maybe in 5 years or so. When you get old like me you don’t see a whole lot of dirt and stuff. ( convenient at times! )

  22. We had a graduation party for my daughter recently and I cleaned under/behind the washer/dryer, stove AND refrigerator. Of course, the previous cleaning had been a VERY long time before that.
    Despite the recent cleaning I’m sure there’s already dust and lint beneath both. Cleaning is like dieting I think, it takes for ever to do it and it’s a pain in the butt and it’s WAY to easily undone by just a little neglect.

  23. The last time was when the old one was taken out and the new one put in, that would be about 5-6 years ago

    If it were moved today I would say that there would probably be a lot of dog and human hair under there plus a sock or two that fell, maybe a washcloth.

  24. I last cleaned it in Dec the night before we left on a trip. I had washed some down filled coats and I had water everywhere!

    All we found was dust and some lint. I was surprised!!!

  25. I don’t clean under mine… because you’d find a dirt floor under it. And I don’t clean hard packed dirt floors!

    Crumb, I rarely go down there as the hubby and kids do the washing. I can’t stand that room, lol!


  26. I moved mine when my old washer was leaking and there was water all over the floor and obviously they were moved when I got new ones. As the movers took out the old ones I took a vacuum back there and tried to clean it as best I could in 2 minutes.

    I found some change, a thong belonging to a previous owner of my house (I assume), some socks (also not mine), a whole bunch of dust and some hangers. Yuck.

  27. It’s been about a month. We had to buy a new washing machine and had to move the old one out. It wasn’t too bad under there BUT we won’t discuss the mess I found under my stove when I moved it out to clean.

    Must accelerate the under-stove cleaning schedule.

    – Suzanne

  28. I suspect the world underneath our washer is a strange and mysterious place suitable only for cockroaches. They can have it. Hey, Old Buckeye. Were you once married to my mother-in-law?

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