July 3

Heeeeyyyyyyy Internet!

It is Friday, and I am a nosy chic!

I am craving chocolate today,   specifically a Reeses.

I want to know what your favorite candy bar of all time is.

Maybe I can get my mind off of me today.



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  1. Mmmmm…. I loooove Butterfingers! (Reeses is a close second) We have a local Ice Cream parlor where my DD works so my favorite indulgent is a Butterfinger malt with extra Butterfinger (only about 2500 calories!)

  2. My favorite candy bar is a plain Hershey bar,followed by Reese Cups,Almond Joy,Butterfinger,Milky Way,then whatever happens to follow. I am an incurable chocoholic. And I happen to enjoy being that.

  3. It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just one. I love all chocolate candy. Some favorites: Reeses, Snickers, KitKat, Caramello. They are all yum!

  4. My true favorite is Rocher, followed by Lindt Hazelnut Truffles then Hersey Almond Nuggets but I like Reese’s. I have about a dozen small ( not mini)Reese’s Cups in my fridge. Wanna fly down & have one with me????????? I like Mon Cheri’s but they’re really hard to find anymore.

  5. Reese’s and Snicker’s…I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one. OH! And Ghirardelli with the caramel center!

  6. My favorite candy bar is a Zero bar, but not the ones here in the states. It is from Belgium and is a local grocery store brand there…so yummy. It has a hazelnut chocolate filling all covered in white chocolate. I prefer it to all of the great chocolate in Belgium and actually request that DH bring it back instead of the other chocolate. I also loved a chocolate that Godiva discontinued, their praline cascade. Caramello and butterfingers rank high too.

  7. Even though I too love, love chocolate, my all-time favorite candy bar is a Pearson salted nut roll – the jumbo size, of course!

  8. Hmm, well you’d have to split it along cost lines. My higher end favourite is the Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar, followed by the Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar.

    Then in the lower cost category, its Skor bar followed by Mars Bar.

  9. those darn Reese’s PB eggs that come out ever Easter….dangerous I say dangerous.
    and then those dark chocolate pb cups I made (on my blog) are crrrrazy good.

  10. As for cheap American chocolate, I’d say M&Ms and Butterfingers are my favs. I haven’t had any heavenly chocolate since we left Germany.

  11. I’ve got at least two 6 packs of Reese’s in the cupboard. I’d share if you were here.
    I love M&M’s–all kinds. I like the popable kind of chocolate, chips, etc. Although, then I eat too many. 😉

  12. In this order:

    Frozen Hershey Kisses
    Mounds Bar (frozen or not, but really good cold)
    Frozen Reeses Peanutbutter Cups
    Frozen solid chocoate bar
    Very cold chocolate pudding, not toppings.

  13. It changes from year to year. I don’t indulge very often but right now when I do it is Reese’s PB cups. The package with 2 regular size PB cups is only 1.5 carbs. Oh yeah!

  14. You can’t get them in the States – I sure hope they hurry up and get them here, though – I’m totally hooked!

    Mars Delight Bars


    I get them when I’m in Spain. I consume an embarrassing quantity of the while I’m there, and then sneak a few home with me – doling them out as long as possible.



      1. I don’t know if I can do them justice – so just in case not – here’s a picture:

        They are the smoothest milk chocolate on the outside possible. On the inside, light, flaky, wafer with caramel.

        Lord – I need to go to Spain again!

  15. I love, love, love a zero bar!!! But only have eaten them when I’m pregnant…I don’t feel so guilty then. Two babies in two years though…I’ve gotten my fair share:)

  16. When I have a candy bar it is a Baby Ruth…but I really like peanut M&M’s also…don’t have either very often though.

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