July 1

Every couple of months or so, the family piles in the car and we head up to Amish country~~ Amish country, meaning about 20 miles up the road~~for bulk food supplies.

We always end up at Walnut Creek Cheese, where the food is in bulk.

And so is the candy.

I heart me some bulk food.

I love to wander each and every isle, reading every label.

I don’t get out much.

There are buggies.


And farms dotting the land scape.

There also are clogged streets, and insane traffic…which is why we only go every couple of months.



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14 thoughts on “July 1”

  1. Heini’s. You can sample all the different cheeses they have. And I love the Ashery for bulk foods and herbs and spices. It smells sooooo good when you walk inside! They have great peppered bacon too.

    Now I want to drive up there this weekend!

  2. We have two bulk food stores in our town that are run by Mennonites. I love seeing the horse and buggy and I LOVE buying cheese, pasta, beans, baking supplies, etc. in bulk! And the candy is pretty awesome too!

  3. I want that farm up there! Isn’t it beautiful? Sigh… maybe I shoulda been born Amish! But, well, could I do without my nails? ?????

  4. We have an Amish area a bit from here and I’ve never really been there. Just curious what types of food bargains would I find????

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