June 9

Has your husband ever volunteered you for something that you would really rather not do?

Maybe it is babysitting your mother-in-laws cats while they are gone for 2 weeks.

Or even “hon, I told my friends that you were going to bake blah…blah…blah for this get together”

“What get together?” you respond in a not so pleasant tone.

“You know, the one I told you about 2 weeks ago.   The one we are going to tonight.”

“You didn’t tell me about any get together!”, you say in a panic…fighting the urge to strangle him right then in there.

How about…”Hon, Habitat for Humanity is having a bake sale at Stuffmart, and I said you’d make something for it”


Now I have the perfect solution.

Parisian Apple Tartlets.

They are fun.

The are so quick and easy it will blow your mind.

And they also look like you spent hours making them…muahahahahahha!

I love it.

Jessica of My Baking Heart picked out today’s TWD, and this recipe is a life saver.

Puff pastry.




Voila!   Instant dessert.

I did a few things different.

I added a spritz of cinnamon to each one, because I don’t do apples without cinnamon.   I think there is a written rule about that…somewhere.

I also took some hazelnut coffee creamer and put some around the edges and sprinkled it with sanding sugar, just for some extra pizazz.

I like pizazz.

These can be made smaller for little mini’s for a tea.   You could make it larger for a romantic meal for 2, or just make a small batch  for yourself.

I won’t tell.


June 8

Every year, on the first weekend in June, Pothole hosts a hot air balloon festival.

Every year, on that particular Sunday morning, I am always awakened by the whooshing of them flying over our house…at 6am.

I love to watch them swoosh by the house.

Their colors entrance me.

Sometimes they wave.

I wave back and pray they can’t tell I’m still in my nightgown.





But there is never a time that I see one of these beautiful balloons that I don’t think of  Peter Streizyk and Guenter Wetzel making their hot air balloon to escape to freedom,  from East Germany.


June 5

Hey Internet.

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Do you have a wooden deck attached to your house?

If you do, how often do you use it?

I have one.   We use it all summer.   The grill is out there, and so are my small containers for my herbs.

I wish it were larger.

PS.  If I were a betting woman, I’d be betting on Chocolate Candy to win the Belmont Stakes today.


June 4

So I had a dream about tacos last night.

Tacos with weird toppings.

Tacos with peas.

Tacos with  cucumbers.

Tacos with marshmallows.

It was awful.

But now I’m craving Tacos, and I want to know what are your favorite toppings on tacos?

Do you prefer a soft taco or a hard taco?

Taco salad?

Do you like peas and cucumbers on your tacos?


June 3

Photoshop and I haven’t been spending much time together lately.

It isn’t that I’m not taking pictures.

I am.

I think it might be because of all the other things I have to do.

Mundane things like laundry, Farm Town~~coins I must earn coins~~, proficiency testing, Yoville, cooking, Facebook, scrubbing the tub,  and having friends over.

A couple of weeks ago, the boy had some of his friends over.

It was great.

They all sat around playing their instruments of choice.

I told Matt that he could come over to my house every night and play his guitar for me.

It was just so relaxing.

He thought I was joking.

Then I offered him more lemon cake, and he agreed to be my music slave.

Kelly was struggling with a chord or two.

But she kept persevering.

I like young people who persevere.

But what I like most is young people who persevere, have pink lap tops, and agree to be my music slaves.


June 2

From the very first Bisquick coffee cake that ever crossed my lips,

to the decadent Cream Cheese Coffee Cake that my Aunt Karen used to make for us for brunch,

and every other coffee cake in between… including but not limited to Little Debbie crumb cakes or doughnut cakes…

There is none that I have turned down.

Even the ones with raisins in them, because you can pick them out..don’tcha’ know.

I heart coffee cake.

I think it might be because you can eat ‘cake’ for breakfast and get away with it.

Take that nutritionists all over the world!

So when I saw that today’s TWD, that Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures picked for us, was Cinnamon Squares…my brain totally went straight to coffee cake.

The picture in the book looked exactly like coffee cake, only with frosting.

Coffee cake shouldn’t have frosting, y’all.

No… coffee cake should have big crumb topping that Deb from Smitten Kitchen has posted with her Rhubarb Coffee cake.

It will forever more be my go to crumb topping.


I added a wee handful of mini chocolate chips to the crumb topping…minus those 4 or 5 that escaped into my mouth…to tie in the chocolate called for in the filling.

The filling that sunk straight to the bottom.

I could care less.

This cake is fabulously cinnamony, chocolatety, moist and delicious.

You can have this for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

This is one very versatile cake.

I like versatile.

If you’d like the recipe, go check out Tracey’s blog.   She has it there.


June 1

I must be getting ancient because I swear that just yesterday I was typing January 1.

I swear.

Time shouldn’t fly, it should crawl…unless you are in labor, in a drive thru, or a doctor’s waiting room.

Then and only then is it appropriate for time to fly.

Last Monday for Memorial Day, I had some friends come over for a delightful luncheon.

Okay, okay, it was more like we slapped some hot dogs on the grill, but delightful luncheon just sounds so much better.

One of these friends doesn’t like to have their picture taken…muahahahahahaha.

But I digress.

When I was planning this “delightful luncheon”, I was standing in front of the processed meat case in Aldi wondering what I could do to make it seem like it was more than hot dogs.

So I thought…what would my BFF Paula Deen do?

Well, she wouldn’t just get hot dogs, she’d get the smoked sausage that Superman had thrust in front of my face.

Then she’d stuff it with cheese, wrap it in bacon, and deep fry it.

Since I don’t have a deep fryer in my counter top, and I am to lazy to get out my pot, oil, and wait 20 minutes for it to heat up.

And since I thought I’d try to make this a bit healthier…

We grilled them.

Thanks Paula.

Your a life saver!