25 thoughts on “June 29”

  1. She is a beautiful young lady! The sad thing is you should have taken a picture of her from the front. This dress really makes her shine!

  2. oh my gosh that’s so, so, Mad Men’esque. love that the girl is always in style even when doing chores. love the heels, she’s rocking them.

    1. Me too, but my dress isn’t as lovely as hers, infact it looks more like a night gown, and my heels are 100% mine and calloused. My apron is a drying towel that is flopped over my shoulder.
      So, really we are following the same principle, just in a different style.

  3. I LOVE THAT DRESS AND WOULD LIKE ONE VERY MUCH:D I love the 1950s style. And when I read what you wrote about this picture, I laughed out loud and Jeremy had to know why I was laughing:)
    It made my evening!

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