14 thoughts on “June 28”

  1. How exciting!! I love getting new appliances even when it’s not kitchen related. This is going to make washing clothes so much fun… at least in the beginning.. haha

  2. LOL is it pink? would you really ever get a pink one? seriously?
    I swear by Consumer Reports recommendations. I have a washer but no dryer, isn’t my landlord the bestest?

  3. Did you get a red one? Red works best.

    What are you going to do between now and then? I remember when I was a kids, we had to wash clothes in the bathtub, because we didn’t have a washer.

  4. Great bargain and is says you will save over 10,000 gallons of water a year! I have both a washer and a dryer I live in a condo and can not hang laudry anywhere.

  5. What happened to the new vacuum cleaner you needed? I know, you started out looking for a vacuum cleaner, someone shows you a washer and…WaLa! You have a new washing machine! Happens to me all the time.

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