June 26

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

Actually today I am begging for advice.

I have 2 vacuum cleaners.

The downstairs one is a Kerby.   I’ll be using that till the day I die.

The upstairs one, however, is the third that we have purchased in the last 6 years.

Yesterday it blew up in a blaze of sparks, smoke and stench that took 3 hours to dissipate.

So, I need some advice for a small vacuum.

Preferably light weight, and cheap inexpensive frugal…and I have to be able to find it at Stuffmart, because that is the only store in town…sigh.


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  1. You got a lot of carpet up there? What about one of those non-electric “bissel” things? Just to pick up the usual stuff on a regular basis, then drag the “good” vac upstairs for heavy duty cleaning (in my house that’s like once a year!).

  2. If you don’t use it much I’d just go with a cheapo. I’d look for one that took cheap bags. Personally I would also avoid the “bagless” vacs, I think they’re messy, especially with pet hair (but that’s just my opinion).

  3. Ugh….those vacuum cleaner stenches are horrendous.

    Dirt devils are generally great. They get the job done for not much $$$$.

  4. Not long ago I was in your predictament. But I thought my Kirby had given up the ghost. So I purchased a Panasonic Platinum Plus and had the man see if the Kirby was worth repairing. Now I have two vacuums and we rarely use the Kirby!!

    The Panansonic cleans laminate floors too and has a handy hose always ready for under stuff.

  5. Since you have so much carpet upstairs, why not just lift up a corner and push the dirt under it (maybe the Girl already does that?). The next owner can deal with it. Works for me!

  6. P.S. When we went to the Roadhouse Bar and Grill, they had a floor that was covered with a water proof coating that went 4″ up the side of each wall. I always thought that would make a good floor for home. You just open the front and back door, take a water hose thru the front door and, wa-la- a clean house.

  7. It depends on how soon you want to go through this again. Go cheap and it will be sooner than you want. Somethings it isn’t wise to be “cheap” on.

  8. bought a cheap Hoover bagless at the stuffmart a few years back…it doesn’t thrill me, but it works for 4 years now. it’s good for an extra vac

  9. Hey wait a minute. There is another place that sell vacuums, did you try Vac Shak? I bought mine there and when it needed repaired which is very much they fix it! I would buy my next one there, when I need it.

  10. I’m still using my “Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum”. It’s currently $67.95 with free shipping at amazon. Granted, it’s a cheap plastic-bodied vacuum cleaner, but if you need a vacuum to do floors, this one works well for that. The attachments are not anything to brag about though, so if you frequently use vacuum cleaner attachments upstairs, this one might frustrate you.

    It’s funny that I would buy a $67.95 vacuum. I normally would pay hundreds, but at the time of purchase, I found design flaws in the top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners. I can endure design flaws in a $67.95 vacuum cleaner, but not in a 500+ model.

    I’m wordy today. Good luck finding a replacement that fits your needs!! =)

  11. We bought a Hoover just months after our marriage – almost 16 years ago. It lasted until a couple of years ago. My complaint about it – it weighed a STINKING TON! It did a great job, but I nearly got a hernia every time I had to heft that thing!

    About two years ago I got a Dyson – I actually got two – it’s a long story, but suffice it to say one of them was a gift. I ADORE the second one – it’s the little skinny teensy tiny one – like this: http://www.dyson.com/store/productmodel.asp?model=DC25 – well, I think that’s it. Ours is red, so you know – I’m spatially challenged – LOL! If it doesn’t look EXACTLY like mine, who knows!

    Anyway – I know they aren’t cheap – but they’re awesome. I kinda considered the one we purchased an investment… partially cause we’ve got a kid with life-threatening allergies and asthma, and we gotta keep these carpets SPICK AND SPAN! Plus, I love not having to change bags – that’s so awesome!

    Whatever you choose – make sure to try lifting it and see what you think about carrying it around. Had I known what a total TANK that first one would be, I would certainly have gone with an alternative model!

  12. Do you have a Sam’s nearby? I saw (sorry, don’t remember the brand) a sweeper just this week for about $49. My middle child is moving into her first duplex with her college friends in about a month, so …… I thought of her. Other than that… not sure. Do you have pets? Sorry, can’t remember. Also, carpet, wood?

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