June 23

Friday at our local ridiculously expensive grocery store, there was a one day produce sale.

I went, namely for one thing.


They were on sale for $1.89.



I bought 2.

I also bought 4 pounds of strawberries for $3.89, and some other produce that they had for a song.

Brought everything home.

Chopped everything up and stuck it in the fridge.

Friday evening when the men got home, I told them all about my wonderful buys.

There reply….

“Pineapple.   You got pineapple!   I love fresh pineapple.”

I didn’t think much of it because the men rarely eat fresh fruit.


Not this time.

Saturday morning when I got up, and went to the fridge for some breakfast…low and behold my 8 quart bowl full of pineapple had about ½ cup left in it.

You’d have thought I sprinkled it with crack or something.

The 4 pounds of strawberries sitting beside it…remained untouched.

So today…instead of making the lovely Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise for TWD…

I made strawberry shortcakes.

If you want to see what I should have made, go check out Andrea’s Blog.  She picked this lovely recipe for today.

Next time I’ll hide the pineapples.


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38 thoughts on “June 23”

  1. Couldn’t you have sent them to my place to eat my pineapple so I wouldn’t have to make this diabetic coma-on-a-plate either?
    Now I’m going to the market for fresh strawberries. Beautiful photos!

  2. SO funny. Pineapples were on sale in the Northeast, too, for $2.50. I was thrilled.

    Honestly, the galouise thing is insanely sweet. I mean, almost grossly sweet. I’m looking at your shortcakes and thinking that you deserve a Nobel for Anticipating Diabetic Breakdowns.

  3. Ooooh! Strawberry shortcakes are my favorites! They look incredible – I think if they were on the menu this week I would’ve made them. Fresh pineapple really does go down like crack though (not that I’ve ever had crack)– I ate a pound of it myself by mistake last week.

  4. I was thinking of making the dacquoise with roasted strawberries next time actually, not because we didn’t love the pineapple, b/c we did, but b/c we love strawberries, too. Your shortcake looks wonderful. BTW, I have to hide ingredients here, too, or post a note on it. No food is safe in this house with these guys.

  5. Strawberry shortcake sounds delicious and looks wonderful. I always make a point of telling my hubby what he can or can’t eat so my ingredients don’t mysteriously disappear. Doesn’t always work. Great post.

  6. Well, the shortcake sure looks good. Fresh pineapple was much better for them than the daquoise looked anyway. It does look good. But I couldn’t bring myself to make it this week either and went for a TWD rewind!

  7. Oh, I so understand about the pineapple. Fresh is the only way to go! And I agree about the rhubarb as well — it’s not something I willingly touch or eat.

    I was in Hawaii one time, having breakfast at the hotel’s Champagne Breakfast Buffet. While the waiters kept filling my champagne glass, I kept returning to the buffet for fresh pineapple. Best breakfast I ever had!

    The strawberry shortcake looks like a most delicious substitute.

  8. It’s hard to resist fresh pineapple. Wait until they try Dorie’s technique for roasting it with a little powdered sugar on top. Delicious!

  9. A $1.89 for pineapple! Wow, you did score big! They are $5.00 each here and I only buy them when they go down to $2.00. My girls eat the pineapple like your men do. lol

  10. haha, I had to laugh at this because guess what I made instead of the pineapple thing . . . you guessed it, Strawberry Shortcakes! Yours look fabulous!

  11. I wonder if you could have made the dacquoise with strawberries? I bet it would have been delicious.

    Anyway, your strawberry shortcakes look amazing!

  12. After making the recipe myself, I would have rather had Strawberry Shortcake!

    I have to put little notes on certain items in the kitchen letting my boyfriend know what he can’t eat because I’m planning on using it in a recipe later in the week!

  13. We have a local grocery store, too 🙂 What a deal on the pineapple and strawberries, though! Too funny about the disappearing pineapple.

  14. Four pounds of strawberries for 3.89? Wow! What a deal! We just paid 4.85 a quart last night at our local farmstand. (It’s been so cold and rainy that local strawberries are scarce.) Sounds as if you might need to return and get a few more pineapple, too, at those prices.

  15. Well at least they snacked on something healthy. My husband is always afraid to eat anything because he thinks he’ll get in trouble.

  16. Yup! Well I think I would have been happier with one of your super fresh looking straberry shortcake! This was way too sweet… and way too expensive to make. Blah.

    Good for you.

  17. Looks delish! I love your cute story about your beloved human vacuum eaters. Darn! Oh well, red photographs really nicely compared to yellow…..don’tyou think?

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