June 22

Last week…or was it 2 weeks ago…I don’t know.

Time, it flies away so fast.

Regardless…some time ago, I was IM’ing with a friend and was telling her what I was fixing for supper.

She said to me “Blog about it.  It sounds so good.”

So, here you go.


Many people don’t use their crock pot because

  1. Everything tastes the same
  2. It is all ugly
  3. I don’t like using it.

To them I say…Pish~posh!

Well, they might have a point on the ugly.

Basic ingredients.

*inserting picture of velveta cheese~~as I had the boy run to the store to get some, because I realized AFTER I began that I had none*

Turn your crock pot on high and plop in some butter.

Let it melt whilst you are chopping your onion.

Toss in the onion.

Put your chicken on top.

Sprinkle the ranch dressing over top.

Then the mushrooms.

Put your lid on.

Go about your business.

About a half an hour before it is time to eat~~and the boy has returned with said no-name brand equivalent of velveta~~add that to the mix.

Start cooking your pasta.

It doesn’t matter what kind.

Add some parmesean cheese.

Dump in your pasta.

Et voila!


Regardless of the ugly factor, this is fabulous.

You could add some bell pepper to the mix to give it some color if you don’t like the ugly.

Cheesy Ranch Chicken Stroganoff

  • 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts ~~I used thighs, they have more flavor
  • 1 pkg. dry ranch dressing
  • 2 tbs. butter
  • ½ c. onion, chopped
  • 1 sm. can mushrooms~~I didn’t drain mine, but I sure wish I had
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 ½ c. velveta, cubed
  • ¼ c. Parmesan cheese

In your crockpot, place butter and onion.   Put chicken on top of onion, and sprinkle with salt.  Sprinkle ranch dressing over top of chicken, then mushrooms.

Cook on low for 8 hours or high fo r4.  Open lid and pour soup over chicken, then toss on velveta.  Put the lid back on and cook for another 30 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Stir everything up, breaking chicken up a little as you stir.

Add Parmesan and stir well.

Serve over noodles. Or you can dump the noodles in.


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23 thoughts on “June 22”

  1. I totally agree with your assessment of crockpot use. It all tastes the same, it looks ugly and I don’t like it! i’m not sure if you’ve convinced me with this recipe. I my give it a try at some point.

  2. i LOVE my crockpot..almost as much as my coffeemaker, and that’s saying something. It really is about finding the right recipes. Thanks for this one, dinner for tommorrow? done, yay

  3. When school is in, I use the crockpot a lot. I love the fact that I can walk in the door after school and have our supper all fixed. This looks so good and I can’t wait to try it. I think one of my favorite crockpot meals is sticky chicken and then I brown it a little in the oven before serving…yummy!

  4. Looks delish…hoping, though, that the recipe should be “Cheesy Ranchy”??? Rancy sounds like it goes with ugly and that dish ain’t ugly!

  5. Thanks for this recipe!! Excellent 🙂 I checked your site this morning. Almost didn’t make it today b/c I didn’t have all of the ingredients. I decided that I’d improvise, and, let me tell you, Thomas was glad that I did 🙂 Had it with some cheesy garlic bread fresh from Kroger’s bakery that was on sale yesterday. Dinner just doesn’t get much better (or easier.) Love ya!

  6. I LOVE my crockpot! Since I hate… er, do not enjoy cooking – I use my crockpot tons! Matters not to me if the food is cute – it’s not a beauty contest, it’s supper: EAT!

    Your recipe looks fabulous. Definitely will give this one a try. Thanks!!

  7. My family is living out of a camper this summer while “building”. They are enjoying trying their hand at cooking without my expertise!! Crockpot meals have been saving the day. I will be sending this one with them too. Looks super yum!!

  8. It sounds fabulous too – who cares what it looks like. Savoury dishes rarely look like art. I don’t have a crock pot, but this sure does tempt me.

  9. i’ll have to try it. i always say i need to use my crockpot more and then i never get around to doing it. we end up eating fruity pebbles for dinner instead of something like this cheesy ranch stroganoff.

  10. Tanya, I’m going to put this in my crockpot tomorrow morning. I have a question. When do I put in the chicken soup? Is it over the onions? Under the chicken? Over the chicken? I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I don’t see it in your pictures. I’m compulsive, and have to know exactly WHEN to add the soup! LOL I’m looking forward to tasting your creation. 🙂

      1. *embarrassed* Your recipe does state that. I just didn’t read it all the way through until just now, then came to your blog to apologize. I’m having one of those days….like you had with your laundry room. Thanks for the reply. Miss you at T2CHK. 🙂

        1. I made this today for my family, and it was AWESOME!!! I already shared the recipe with my sister-in-law.

          The board moved to a new server. (I think that was the reason for the move LOL) If you would like to come back, go to Christianhomekeeper.org and at the very tip-top of the page, click on forums, that get’s you to the new board. I’d love to see ya back there! 🙂

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