June 21

For all the men that have been there for their children.

For all the men that have stood in the place where the real father’s should have.

For all the men that have adopted children so that they could be a father.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day, Superman.


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5 thoughts on “June 21”

  1. I just read a little poem in the comic section of the newspaper that went like this:
    For times not remembered of things that you did,
    To love and protect me from life,
    And lead me so gently when I was a kid,
    Through awesome and sweetness and strife,
    I reflect now upon what a wonder you were,
    And how I tried not to bother,
    Each night I seek out the brightest of stars,
    And pridefully know…that’s my FATHER.

    My dad is gone now, but memories live on. Enjoy your parents while they are still with you. Make each day count. Happy Father’s Day Dean and Brad. I love you all.

  2. You are blessed to have such wonderful men in your life!
    P.S. He didn’t really eat all that…did he?

  3. No, He didn’t eat all of that! Because his arm was in a sling and Brad couldn’t have it, Brad put what he would have liked to have on Dean’s plate. Look at Brad eyeing the plate:)

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