June 20

Yesterday I received a large white envelope in the mail.

It was from my Aunt M….my dad’s youngest sister.

I haven’t seen her in years….I mean years!

Like 15-18 years.

So, I thought that I’d have the girl take a picture of me with my wee gifty….cause I love wee gifties…to show everyone how much I love it, and how cute it is.

“Mom!   You can do better than that!  Smile!”

Ok, fine!

Doesn’t this sweet girl realize I abhor having my picture taken?

“Moooooom!   You look insane!”

So, I roll my eyes and say…Ok, one more.

Thanks Aunt M.   I love it.

I truly do.


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15 thoughts on “June 20”

  1. Aren’t surprise wee gifties the BEST!!!! Your Aunt must read your blog? I think I remember you saying a couple weeks back that someone burned your last pot holder??? A perfect PINK gifty for the Chocolatechic.

    Stop being so camera shy! You are gorgeous, and have a fantastic smile!!! Have a Blessed weekend, friend.

    1. How sweet of you Aunt M. I have noyt seen you forever. I hope you are well. Do you still live around Springfield?

  2. Oh my, I had never noticed before how absolutely *perfect* your teeth are! An odd thing for me to notice I know, but they are just so perfect! You should let them take your picture more often! 🙂

  3. I love seeing those adorable pictures of you! I always enjoy seeing the bloggers whose blogs I read – I like putting a face with the personality. I really enjoy your blog. Every day. (And I love pink and chocolate, too. If the chocolate has nuts involved.)

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