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  1. I used to get really grossed out by drinking the milk at the end of the bowl, but then I figured out if I just use a little less milk, it’s not so bad. However, I often eat my cereal on the way to work… while driving, and milk is very spill-able. So instead of milk, I use yogurt! Yummy!

  2. Not anymore….not since I found out how cereal is made and the grains are all extruded and their is no nutritional value whatsoever. But when I did have cereal, I did drink the milk from the bottom of the bowl. Wouldn’t want to waste anything.

  3. I use to eat cereal and I would always “spoon” the milk on the bottom. Meanwhile hollering at my boys would just “dump it down”!!!

  4. I was never allowed to drink from the bowl growing up and I Know we taught you girls better than that. That being said, we regressed and gulp…we drink from the bowl. Sorry mom. Daddy said and bowl is just a big cup without the handle:)

  5. I am not a big cereal eatter. When I do eat it, I use the milk sparingly and if there is any left in the bowl, down the drain it goes. I really don’t like milk.

  6. Hi….my name is Patty, and I eat cereal, and I also drink milk from my bowl……and the room answers, “hello Patty”. LOL

  7. On the very rare occasions when I do eat cereal I only use a little bit of soy milk, so there isn’t enough left to drink or dump.

  8. Having just finished a bowl of cereal, I know for certain that I spoon the remaining milk. Oh, just in case you’d like to know what kind of cereal…Smart Start ♥ Strong Heart. Going back to see all that I’ve missed…

  9. I could eat cereal for every meal if I could. Too bad I need that other stuff, like protein. Yep, I drink the sugary sweet milk at the bottom too. 🙂

  10. I LOVE cereal. I often leave some of the milk in the bowl, don’t like when it gets “flavored”, depends on what kind of cereal it is. I spoon it if I drink it.

  11. I love cereal but not for breakfast 🙂 I need my eggs for breakfast. I like most cereals (except apple,cinnamon flavored) I love cocoa puffs cause’ it gives me chocolate milk.
    But my most favoritest cereal is…..
    Dean’s granola!!!!

  12. LOL – I now spoon the milk, but as a kid, I used to slurp it happily – until my Mommy told me that was not polite. Don’t really understand what’s wrong with it myself – shrug.

  13. Yes I eat cereal.
    No I do not spoon or drink the milk from the bottom of the bowl as I don’t use a lot of milk just to avoid that problem.

    Sometimes I will pour my cereal, Special K with strawberries or chocolate, into a bowl and then dump a container of yogurt over it, very good and filling.

  14. I LOVE cereal but am BAD at portion control. I can eat 4 or 5 servings at a time.
    I like pretty much all cereals..healthy, unhealthy.. whatever is available.

    I do not drink the milk unless its a chocolate cereal LOL.

    Usually I use just enough milk to fully wet the cereal.

  15. I let my kitty have it..she loves the milk from honey nut cherrios…..Hey I have a truffle recipe for you choco chick using oreo cookies..e-mail me for the recipe!! I miss you on the CHK board!!! warm loving hugs from me in VT

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