June 19

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

Do you eat cereal?

If you do, when you get to the bottom of the bowl, do you drink your milk…or spoon it?



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  1. I used to get really grossed out by drinking the milk at the end of the bowl, but then I figured out if I just use a little less milk, it’s not so bad. However, I often eat my cereal on the way to work… while driving, and milk is very spill-able. So instead of milk, I use yogurt! Yummy!

  2. Not anymore….not since I found out how cereal is made and the grains are all extruded and their is no nutritional value whatsoever. But when I did have cereal, I did drink the milk from the bottom of the bowl. Wouldn’t want to waste anything.

  3. I was never allowed to drink from the bowl growing up and I Know we taught you girls better than that. That being said, we regressed and gulp…we drink from the bowl. Sorry mom. Daddy said and bowl is just a big cup without the handle:)

  4. I am not a big cereal eatter. When I do eat it, I use the milk sparingly and if there is any left in the bowl, down the drain it goes. I really don’t like milk.

  5. Hi….my name is Patty, and I eat cereal, and I also drink milk from my bowl……and the room answers, “hello Patty”. LOL

  6. On the very rare occasions when I do eat cereal I only use a little bit of soy milk, so there isn’t enough left to drink or dump.

  7. Having just finished a bowl of cereal, I know for certain that I spoon the remaining milk. Oh, just in case you’d like to know what kind of cereal…Smart Start ♥ Strong Heart. Going back to see all that I’ve missed…

  8. I LOVE cereal. I often leave some of the milk in the bowl, don’t like when it gets “flavored”, depends on what kind of cereal it is. I spoon it if I drink it.

  9. I love cereal but not for breakfast 🙂 I need my eggs for breakfast. I like most cereals (except apple,cinnamon flavored) I love cocoa puffs cause’ it gives me chocolate milk.
    But my most favoritest cereal is…..
    Dean’s granola!!!!

  10. LOL – I now spoon the milk, but as a kid, I used to slurp it happily – until my Mommy told me that was not polite. Don’t really understand what’s wrong with it myself – shrug.

  11. Yes I eat cereal.
    No I do not spoon or drink the milk from the bottom of the bowl as I don’t use a lot of milk just to avoid that problem.

    Sometimes I will pour my cereal, Special K with strawberries or chocolate, into a bowl and then dump a container of yogurt over it, very good and filling.

  12. I LOVE cereal but am BAD at portion control. I can eat 4 or 5 servings at a time.
    I like pretty much all cereals..healthy, unhealthy.. whatever is available.

    I do not drink the milk unless its a chocolate cereal LOL.

    Usually I use just enough milk to fully wet the cereal.

  13. I let my kitty have it..she loves the milk from honey nut cherrios…..Hey I have a truffle recipe for you choco chick using oreo cookies..e-mail me for the recipe!! I miss you on the CHK board!!! warm loving hugs from me in VT

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