14 thoughts on “June 18”

  1. When my daughter would have sleepovers, they would make videos with the camcorder. I have so many videos of the wild and crazy things those girls did in the basement while I was sound asleep…making commercials, making dances, making short films, etc. It’s funny to look back on them now.

  2. I would never have thought about doing anything like that when I was young. Did we Willie? My memory seems to fail me right now. I bet they had fun. That was cool that you let her go out like that.

  3. Reminds me of a sleepover a half a century ago. Cosmo magazine said “Make Your Lashes Longer and Thicker.” They said apply mascara and then quickly puff baby powder on the wet mascara. Give it a minute to dry and then re-apply mascara. NOT A GOOD LOOK!

  4. When THREE girls get together and stay up all nite, they start out bosum buddies. Then, they have a little tiff with one being in the middle trying to make nice (usually over a boy). Then they all cry and make up, THEN strange things happen. By morning, we parents wake up to three bosum buddies none the wiser about the overnite soap opera. One thing I’ve learned about girls sleeping over- they will not be deprived of their little drama!

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