June 17

I had this wonderful post all planned in my mind, but instead I’m gonna talk about a little addiciton I have.

It didn’t start out as an addiction.

No…it actually started out as just something to do in my spare time.

Something to mess around with.

Then I began utilizing it for other things.

Important things.

Necessary things.

Now I can not get away from it.

What am I so desperately addicted to?

My computer.

So this morning when my mouse died.   I began to twitch.


The boy was in the shower and I almost dragged him out to see if he could fix it.

Instead I made him go to Stuffmart and get me a brand new mouse instead of him going to the library like he wanted.

I am now in posession of a brand new mouse and the twitching has all but subsided.

The mouse isn’t exactly what I wanted.

It is just a bit to small, but it doesn’t matter.

It is making my computer work, and that is all I care about.

I am a sad, sad, woman.


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12 thoughts on “June 17”

  1. I understand completely. I had no idea I’d become so addicted! But oh my, the internet lets us get to know so many wonderful people and it teaches us so much. (And I won’t even go into all the addictive games we can play.) I am so, so addicted.

  2. I agree! Last week, we were on vacation and had to spend TWO, yes TWO, days with no internet. The B&B had wireless, but it was not working. When we got to our cottage rental on Wednesday, I do believe I spent a few hours catching up! Glad that you were able to stay connected and that the twitching has subsided.

  3. I am entering a ten step program for internet addiction – ha ha! I just found Facebook a couple of months ago. I have spend way, way too many hours playing Farm Town, myFarm, Mafia Wars, Fashion Wars and of course stupid little Yoville. What in the heck did I do with all my “spare” time before – yikes!

  4. wait till you have no internet connection for a couple days like I did and was “jonzing” for my google reader. I hated walking to the library to get my email; the computers there are not the same as the comfy/cozy ones at home wearing my nice fuzzy slippers.

  5. I hate that kind of twitching. Get a laptop, you’ll become even more sad. It will always be on your lap, you’ll carry it to the kitchen with you, you’ll sleep with it. ok, that last one was a joke, but you’re right–I AM sad and addicted and pretty spoiled!

  6. Our computers are like our husbands. We can’t do with them sometimes , and we can’t do without them. ( I bet we could if we had to!)

  7. And now you all know why I have a spare mouse and keyboard hidden behind my computer desk.

    My youngest DD was visiting with her children one time and DD (not the kids) spilled a glass of kool-aid all over my mouse and keyboard. It is 15 miles one way to the stuffmart in my area. I have kept a spare mouse and keyboard ever since.

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