June 16

For the last 3 months or so, when asked a question and the girl doesn’t want to say something negative, or she just doesn’t want to answer,  she’ll answer with “just peachy”, and we all know she is fibbing.

“Punkin’, how was school today?”

“Just peachy.”

“Mornin’ Sweetpea, how did you sleep last night?”

“Just peachy.”

“Sweetheart, how was youth tonight?”

“Just peachy.”

“Honey, how are you feeling today?”

“Just peachy.”

“What do you think of my new shirt?”

“Just peachy”

“Chocolatechic, what do you think of the Honey Peach Ice cream that Tommi of Brown Interior picked out for us to make for today’s TWD?”

“Just peachy.”


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  1. Yours looks good! I couldn’t bring myself to make it…honey makes me nauseaus. So I made something with chocolate instead…you’d like it!

  2. ha! Great one. It sure looks good whiile you’re making it. I was happy to see the picture of you putting it in the Blue Bunny container (I love that those are plastic and reusable), but I was happy to see what mind should have looked like. Mine was about like that, so it’s good to know! Thanks for all the photos. No chocolate now and for the rest of the month. Sigh. I gotta go find a chocolate chip or something! 😉

  3. Oh oh. Well it looks good!

    Funny…I say “peachy” too when I’m not happy about something. People don’t always catch on that I’m being sarcastic!

  4. I finally bought an ice cream maker. I have made a batch of mint chocolate Oreo. It was heavenly.

    So the girl is called the girl and the boy, the boy, and superman is superman. Ummm what are you labeled or called as? LOL The photographer? Momma Bear?

  5. Looks just peachy to me, too! Matt is off in Colorado, Mark is at work, Alex doesn’t like peach flavor, and I am home alone with this ice cream just sitting in the freezer. I only made half a batch BECAUSE I knew there would be temptation! Yours looks beautiful. I could not get a good photo, by the time I ran it here and there, it was starting to melt and I didn’t dare dip in for another scoop. Bad me.

  6. I am always in awe of your pictures. I love the picture of the oozing honey! Pour some in my mouth PLEASE! 😉

    Even though we were both not too keen on this ice cream flavor, there will be more ice cream adventures to come! YAY!

  7. uh oh, didn’t expect to read that last line. it looks wonderful anyway. i use the same type of sentence like that when i want to avoid being totally negative, mine is “just lovely”. 😛

  8. Your ice cream looks wonderful. I didn’t make this one, no ice cream freezer, and I truly didn’t feel like making it without a freezer. Way too much work for someone who has just come off vacation!

    Hopefully, next week is better for you!

  9. It looks yummmy! Makes me want to buy an ice cream maker. Maybe it would be better with some toppings. Maybe jam or fresh fruit…or… granola??? It’s yummy on yogurt I bet it would be good on ice cream. (I’m having some issues)
    Not changing the subject, I am going to make the baked oatmeal to take to a family breakfast Sunday, what do you think would happen if I topped it with some granola?

  10. The texture and color look perfect, and I bet it did taste good, too, even though it wasn’t chocolate. Do you consider white chocolate to be real chocolate? Maybe a white chocolate-peach combo would work. Maybe not. Guess you need to stay true to your name! 😉

  11. Love your post. Honey is not my fave either. I made mine with cherries, and the honey pretty much overpowered it. Too bad. I’ll have to try that blueberry sour cream ice cream!

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