June 12

Hey Internet!

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

It is barbecue season, and I want to know out of hamburgers or hot dogs, which do you prefer?

How do you like to eat them?

Piled high with toppings, or plain Jane?

For the vegetarians amongst us, what do you eat at a barbecue?


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  1. I like them both. Probably hot dogs the best but it’s so close I hate to choose. I like my hotdogs with onions mutard and light mayo. Hambugers I have to have cheese lettuce and tomato with mustard, mayo, light ketsup and pickles of course!

  2. Both please, but burgers first! I like l,t,o, and bbq sauce cooked on, but no cheese for me. Bacon is always good though.

  3. Hamburgers – with cheddar cheese melted on top, tomato, lettuce and placed in a toasted bun. Yum!

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now, but I don’t recall you ever sharing Nosy Friday answers with us, so which do you prefer?

  4. Out of those 2, I’d pick burgers. Piled with lots of dill pickles, sauteed mushrooms & onions and a slathering of sour cream.

    But we rarely BBQ burgers or dogs. My DH grills steak for himself almost every weekend, and kiddo & I prefer chicken breasts or shrimp skewers.

  5. I love both, but lately have been on a burger kick. A burger grilled medium rare with garlic salt and fresh cracked blacked pepper. I like it on a toasted bun with chili, crisp white onions, mustard and chow-chow. Sometimes I am in a mood for a lettuce, garden fresh tomato, white onion, mayo and pimento cheese burger on a toasted bun. Hotdogs around our house usually have mustard, chili and white slaw. Both are yummy!

  6. Hamburger topped with cheese, mayo and dijon, lettuce (or sprouts) tomato and avocado. When I was veg: portobello burgers *yum*

  7. It’s Friday already?
    Hot dog plain, maybe a dab of mustard. Dead white bun. Once in awhile I may pile on the slaw, chili, or kraut….not all at once though. I do love a good chili dog smothered in cheese!

    Hamburger with cheddar, mayo, dab of mustard, tomato, bun optional. A slice of bacon is always good.

  8. Well, where I live hamburgers and hotdogs have nothing to do with BBQ! LOL Between the two you’ve mentioned, I prefer grilled burgers with all kinds of trimmings, especially lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles/cheese. Now I know what I want for dinner!

  9. Back in the day, I would say hot dog, preferably a tiny bit charred. Just ketchup mostly, but sometimes with a little somethin’ somethin’ as such: with bacon, American cheese and ketchup on a grilled bun. Yum yum!

    Nowadays (health eating gal now): I take a zuccini or summer squash, slice lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, season with olive oil, garlic, s&p and whatever else and throw it on the grill, skin side up. Get’s mushy on the inside but stays relatively intact. When done grilling, fold up and either eat just like that or throw that into a whole wheat pita. *Almost* as good as my favorite hot dogs!

    (note: I DO still eat hot dogs… I’m a total sucker for the youth-sports-fundraiser-concession stand and a dog is my choice there!)

  10. I haven’t eaten a hot dog in probably 20 years. Just one of those foods I’ve chosen to live without–hate the aftertaste. I’m actually not much of a meateater, but done the right way, I do like a good hamburger. Lately I’ve really liked ground turkey breast burger.

  11. I was a vegetarian for quite a time. I used to bring veggie dogs and just throw them in the mircowave when no one was looking.
    Nowadays, I like hamburgers so much more. I’ve never liked hot dogs. In fact, I still eat veggie dogs. So much better.

  12. BRATS!!! And not those nambi-pambi little 8-to-a-package pretenders, either! I like’m big and fat and stuffed in animal casings! I want to still be able to taste the oink in ’em! I want every dog in the area to be straining their leash to get to my house! I want to have Joyce griping at me about all the grease I got on my shirt! I want to have to call the fire department because the grease fire got out of hand! And, I want it all on a good chewy sour dough bun! With all that, who needs any stinken’ onions, mustard or ketchup? I ask ya, am I askin’ too much? Do I care about colesterol? Absolutely not! I take pills for that! Some things are just too important to skimp or take shortcuts! And all God’s people said “Amen”!

  13. Hamburgers first…or I guess it should be Cheeseburgers, but only with my stuff piled on it in a certain way, I am picky…on the bottom bun, ketchup and mustard, onions then dill pickles. next goes the burger with the cheese down on the pickles. then on the top bun, miracle whip, tomatoes, then lettuce. put it all together…mmmgood.
    If I have room after the burger, then I want a good charred dog…ketchup and mustard on the bun, then the dog, my homemade chili on the dog, then diced onions with cole slaw on top of the onions.
    good thing we are going to a cookout tomorrow…this made me want a burger!

  14. I have to choose? What if I can’t?
    For burgers – only my own, made with ground veal. Cheddar cheese, mustard, fried onions, tomato.
    For dogs – cheap, gnarly ones that you know you will regret in the morning. With a line of mustard and a really soft bun.

  15. Back in my meat eating days it would have been a hotdog, white bun and catsup.
    Now it’s grilled red and yellow peppers, onions (my favorite) tomatoes and mushrooms for Jose…I don’t do mushrooms if I don’t have to.

  16. Hot dogs. I whole wheat hot dog bun, we bun length hot dog. Mustard,ketsup and dill pickle chips standing up between the bun and the dog. We call them “Grammy Dogs.” After all I did invent this most unusal creation.

  17. I like my hamburger exactly the way Amber said except I want Hellman’s -no fakey Miracle Whip if I have a choice. She must have got that pickiness from me. I like a hot dog too. Grilled on a bun with a little catsup a little mustard, cheese &real mayo. If I have a coney dog I want it from a hot dog stand or a restaurant. Cousin Jerry’s answer was toooo funny….

    1. That is another Amber 🙂

      I like cheeseburgers with ketchup, mustard, and pickle, unless the tomatoes are right out of the garden, then I like to add tomatoes & lettuce and maybe a teensie bit of onion. Or, if I have Friches tartar sauce, then that for sure!

      At the various times of my life when I was a vegetarian, Portabella mushrooms are definitely the way to go!

      I think my favorite thing on the grill is something I copied from my favorite restaurant, which is no longer in existence (boo!): marinated grilled chicken with portabella mushrooms, provolone cheese, red peppers, and tomatoes. YUM!

  18. Amen cousin Jerry. When I could eat that kind of stuff that is what I would have. Now that I am getting older,I can’t even eat a hot dog too often. I do like a good burger once in a while. Frisches tarter sauce will do just fine.

  19. As a vegetarian, I just eat everything else that’s available. It’s always a nice surprise to find baked beans, a favorite of mine, made without bacon or other meaty/fatty things. Really good BBQ is probably the thing I missed the most went I went veg. Sigh.

  20. I like them both and will usually start with a burger since that is where I get the veggies that I need in my diet 🙄 I like ketcup, sometimes mayo/miracle whip, lettuce tomato, onion on either white or ww bun.

    Hot dogs, well I’m finding myself to be even more picky about these than I used to be. I do not like dogs made of various types of meat, it’s got to be 100% beef, moose, or caribou/reindeer meat but not a conglomeration of any including pork, turkey, or chicken. I like them plain on a bun, either white or ww.

  21. Veggie burgers are soooooo good! There are some ok ones at the store (Garden Burger, Boca, Morningstar Grillers), but we usually make our own.

    My favorite way to eat them is with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, and Miracle Whip. Mmmmmm!!

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