June 11

Hey Internet.

Today I am supposed to be posting pictures of Curried Couscous, for the BB’s.

Guess what I don’t have?


Why?   you ask.

Well, I was going to make it for supper last night, but Chefboy decided he was going to invite a few friends over, aaaaand he was going to make supper.

Who refuses that?

He made some fabulous Sweet potato fries with a Burbon glaze.

I don’t have pictures because…well, I was just way to busy eating them.

Want to know how to make such a wonderful concoction?

On low heat, melt ½ c butter.   Add ½ c. brown sugar, stirring till sugar has melted.   Do not boil.   Add a shot of Whiskey or Bourbon stir to combine.

Put into a squeeze bottle.

Fry your sweet potatoes.



Squeeze bourbon sauce on top.


Eat some more.

Pass out from deliciousness.

Make the boy make some more.

Forget all about couscous.


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8 thoughts on “June 11”

  1. Sure you didn’t pass out from the whiskey?? LOL (just kidding)

    I really like sweet potato fries. I will have to try your sauce. Did you have anything else for supper, or just the fries? Was your daughter able to eat the fries? Next time, pictures please,….pretty please. 🙂

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