27 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. Love the smile.
    I have issues with touching raw meat, too. Mostly chicken. Not sure why. But I think it prevents me from making a lot more dishes with different meats than I wish.

  2. I figure if I want to eat and I know the hubs does…..somebody’s gotta do it. Not that big of a deal right. Just meat. Okay Question??? What did ya decide about the “big check, the porch and the bathroom?”

  3. We have gloves, but I didn’t have time to get them, as it was time to eat lunch. I can’t stand the feel also smell of raw meat. And as for the smile, mom wanted me to look at the camera, and she had such a silly look on her face, I really wasn’t in a good mood, but I had to smile, so this is the smile she captured. Have a lovely day!!!!!!
    P.S. I REALLY do HATE to touch raw meat.

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