June 9

Has your husband ever volunteered you for something that you would really rather not do?

Maybe it is babysitting your mother-in-laws cats while they are gone for 2 weeks.

Or even “hon, I told my friends that you were going to bake blah…blah…blah for this get together”

“What get together?” you respond in a not so pleasant tone.

“You know, the one I told you about 2 weeks ago.   The one we are going to tonight.”

“You didn’t tell me about any get together!”, you say in a panic…fighting the urge to strangle him right then in there.

How about…”Hon, Habitat for Humanity is having a bake sale at Stuffmart, and I said you’d make something for it”


Now I have the perfect solution.

Parisian Apple Tartlets.

They are fun.

The are so quick and easy it will blow your mind.

And they also look like you spent hours making them…muahahahahahha!

I love it.

Jessica of My Baking Heart picked out today’s TWD, and this recipe is a life saver.

Puff pastry.




Voila!   Instant dessert.

I did a few things different.

I added a spritz of cinnamon to each one, because I don’t do apples without cinnamon.   I think there is a written rule about that…somewhere.

I also took some hazelnut coffee creamer and put some around the edges and sprinkled it with sanding sugar, just for some extra pizazz.

I like pizazz.

These can be made smaller for little mini’s for a tea.   You could make it larger for a romantic meal for 2, or just make a small batch  for yourself.

I won’t tell.


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62 thoughts on “June 9”

  1. I’m sitting here drooling. Those look awesome. If I had puff pastry, I’d make them right now. I’m putting puff pastry on my grocery list. Right now.

  2. I added cinnamon to mine, too, and thought they were just perfect, especially with a dollop of vanilla icecream.

  3. Yours look perfect! I think we were on the same wavelength with the apple slices. I’ll try the sanding sugar next time, thanks! 🙂

  4. I should have added cinnamon. It probably would have given my apple tartlet the little boost it needed. These are the perfect dessert.

  5. “I added a spritz of cinnamon to each one, because I don’t do apples without cinnamon. I think there is a written rule about that…somewhere.”

    I so agree! Don’t tell anyone we agree on something. ok?

    Those looks so good. They would look lovely on a red checkered tablecloth. Probably taste better too.

    Can you taste the Hazelnut Coffee Cream on the edge? That is a great idea. (don’t get a big head, because I am agreeing with you. You are still pink.)

  6. Great post. Love the look of your tartlets. We have a deal here: no volunteering anyone for anything or turn about is fair play…I think he lives in fear I will volunteer him for my many gigs…LOL. I can see me throwing these together for kids’ things though, as they have no problem whatsoever volunteering me for things. LOL.

  7. Ditto that on cinnamon and apples. I loved these, even if I didn’t use puff pastry. I just love puff pastry and hate my gut. Someday I will splurge away and make these with puff pastry. I’ll for sure do the apples, but I’ve got to come up with some way to get chocolate on one, too. 😉

  8. Who doesn’t love a touch of pizazz?!! and recipes you can make in a pinch that turn out looking like a million dollars?!!!

  9. I made four of these and I can’t wait to get home from work and eat the last two. I’m going to add cinnamon to my next batch of these. They are GREAT!
    Didn’t you just love Amish Country? We used to go there a lot when we lived in Ohio.

  10. Yea, I really love it when he volunteers me to make/bake/cook/host/clean for the entire brood that shows up at my door. 😉 I guess its either that–or go to their house and eat frozen meals. ICK!

    Tarts look great…I loved how easy they were too!

  11. you know I love how you say “muuuahahahaha” everytime you find something cheap, easy to make or (and this is the killer) know how to sneak a photo of someone who was least expecting it….you are dangerous woman! Muuuahahahaha!

  12. From now on, there will never be a day when there isn’t some Puff Pastry in my freezer. Deeelish! Loved your post- it was great.
    Also scrolled back an bit-laughed my hiney off (I wish that was literal) at the cute old piano players. Thanks for that!

  13. Cinnamon was an after thought for me! I wish I had remembered before baking it. Next time! These were still good and so simple to pull together.

  14. What a great way to dress them up! I added some cinnamon to mine too…made them even more yummy!

    And I totally agree that they look like alot more work than they are! Perfect for company!

  15. All right, what is sanding sugar? My hubby volunteers me for all kinds of things. I had to call him down on it this past week. I am getting too old and I am already too busy to take on anything else.

  16. Good call on the cinnamon with the apple – I wish I’d thought of that. Fortunately, this is so easy I’m sure I’ll make it again soon! Your tartlet looks gorgeous!

  17. Yes for yourself right out of the palm of your hand. Husbands love to watch us shift from one foot to another, don’t they? Silly men!!! Yes I loved this oh so simple and pull the rabbit out of your hat, let me wow you treat. Yepper, that’s the one. Great job once again.

  18. cinnamon! how could I have forgotten the darn cinnamon? (especially when it was the focus of our recipe last week?!)
    Gee, I’ll just HAVE to do these again with the extra pastry dough I’ve got chillin’ in the freezer! 🙂

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