June 5

Hey Internet.

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Do you have a wooden deck attached to your house?

If you do, how often do you use it?

I have one.   We use it all summer.   The grill is out there, and so are my small containers for my herbs.

I wish it were larger.

PS.  If I were a betting woman, I’d be betting on Chocolate Candy to win the Belmont Stakes today.



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17 thoughts on “June 5”

  1. Yes, we have a large screened-in porch, we we use even more than the deck, plus an attached open wooden deck that houses the grill and strawberry plants.

  2. We have a blue stone patio off the house… where the grill, table and umbrella, and a few planters reside. My vegetable garden is just off the patio so I can keep an eye on the wee sprouts and try to keep the rabbits and deer away.
    We’re “not allowed” to have a clothesline, so on breezy warm days, I like to put up the umbrella and hang clothes on hangers out to dry. I think it make my neighbor crazy, but I’m ok with that!

    Happy Friday!
    (btw – ever had an Entemann’s chocolate covered devil’s food donut? just had my first one and oh. mah. gawd. Thought of Choccy (you) instantly! You MUST try one!)

  3. No we have a large floating concrete porch at the back of our house. Floating means exactly that and there is access under it. I’ve been under it once. It’s creepy being under tons of concrete that is just 18-20 inches above the ground. I don’t excpet to go under it ever again.

  4. No deck. We have an old, yucky sunroom attached to the back, which is nothing more than storage at the moment, and a concrete patio. I rarely go into the back yard, preferring the shadier, cooler front porch.

  5. We didn’t have a deck built along with the house – thinking that we would just add one later. Almost 15 years later and we still don’t have a deck. I would love one – and a nice screened in porch of some kind.

  6. No Deck…but I do have a covered concrete patio. We added it to the back of our house for our 30th wedding anniversary. Our 30th anniversary isn’t until Sept 3 and we built it 2 years ago…figure that one out.

  7. No we have a large stamped concrete, kidney shaped patio that I hate – I much prefer wood but this was here when we bought the house and would cost several thousand to remove…so it stays 😛

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