June 2

From the very first Bisquick coffee cake that ever crossed my lips,

to the decadent Cream Cheese Coffee Cake that my Aunt Karen used to make for us for brunch,

and every other coffee cake in between… including but not limited to Little Debbie crumb cakes or doughnut cakes…

There is none that I have turned down.

Even the ones with raisins in them, because you can pick them out..don’tcha’ know.

I heart coffee cake.

I think it might be because you can eat ‘cake’ for breakfast and get away with it.

Take that nutritionists all over the world!

So when I saw that today’s TWD, that Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures picked for us, was Cinnamon Squares…my brain totally went straight to coffee cake.

The picture in the book looked exactly like coffee cake, only with frosting.

Coffee cake shouldn’t have frosting, y’all.

No… coffee cake should have big crumb topping that Deb from Smitten Kitchen has posted with her Rhubarb Coffee cake.

It will forever more be my go to crumb topping.


I added a wee handful of mini chocolate chips to the crumb topping…minus those 4 or 5 that escaped into my mouth…to tie in the chocolate called for in the filling.

The filling that sunk straight to the bottom.

I could care less.

This cake is fabulously cinnamony, chocolatety, moist and delicious.

You can have this for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

This is one very versatile cake.

I like versatile.

If you’d like the recipe, go check out Tracey’s blog.   She has it there.


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60 thoughts on “June 2”

  1. Hey! how cares where the filling is… as long as it’s tasty, huh?

    ANd I’m glad you thought it was… I’m usually not a great fan of cinnamon, but this was… pfff… something else all together!


  2. I thought about that with the frosting too, but we were eating it for birthday cake for my niece. I’m glad I didn’t change it because I really loved the frosting – but I would totally love your version too so it’s really nice to have options!

  3. Oh no you don’t! I want YOUR recipe, with all the changes and additions. I want mine to look and taste like YOURS! Please, please, pretty please with mini chocolate chips on top, would you post your own version’s recipe???

    1. Oh…honey, I didn’t make any changes…except I doubled the cinnamon and sugar mixture…and then I made the crumb topping..

      *1/3 c. brown sugar
      *1/3 c. white sugar
      *1 tsp. cinnamon
      *½ tsp. ground ginger
      *pinch salt
      *1 stick melted butter
      *1 3/4 c. flour

      Whisk sugar and spices in a bowl. Whisk in melted butter. Stir in flour. It will be a solid dough.

      Then I added ½ c. mini chips.

  4. I love the crumb topping. I love me some crumb on top of my coffee cakes too. MY chocoate ribbon sank too, as you know. I wonder why? That never happens with any of my other coffee cakes. By the way Spice Islands does Saigon Cinnamon. I confess that the cinnamon I love most of all though comes from Watkins. I wish they shipped to England!

  5. You know, that is one really great looking cake…and a very fun post, as usual. Next week is no chocolate, so I am eager to see just how you are going to put the chocolate fix onto that apple tart…doesn’t sound like there would be a way, but I never know until I get over here each week. Really, great looking cake this week.

  6. I heart coffee cake too!!! And I actually thought about the crumb topping, but only after I had put it in the oven. Looks delish, I will have to try it this way next time!

  7. I agree with you—I was thinking crumb topping on coffee cake as well. I would do that instead of the chocolate frosting…it was too much. Even for me.

  8. You are right – this is a versatile cake. And a delicious one! I skipped the ganache too and went with a crumb topping on half of mine. Loved the crumb version best of all. Yours looks incredible!

  9. I heart coffee cake too but never, ever pick out the raisins. I look for the coffee cake with raisins. Crumb topping, I’m with you all the way. the more the better!

  10. Looks fantastic, I can only imagine how great it was with the crumb topping. BTW: I made the SK coffee cake after you raved about it when TWD made crumb cake and it’s delicious!

  11. I must try that crumb topping — we could even have this cake for breakfast that way! But I have to stop reading your blog, because your photos make me feel as if I should never even look at my camera again.

  12. Oooh, I think you have come up with the perfect solution to the cinnamon+chocolate haters dilema. I must try this when I finally make this cake. It looks delish!

  13. I was thinking that crumb topping would be so much better than the frosting–I’ll have to check out the one you used. I love coffeecake.

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