June 1

I must be getting ancient because I swear that just yesterday I was typing January 1.

I swear.

Time shouldn’t fly, it should crawl…unless you are in labor, in a drive thru, or a doctor’s waiting room.

Then and only then is it appropriate for time to fly.

Last Monday for Memorial Day, I had some friends come over for a delightful luncheon.

Okay, okay, it was more like we slapped some hot dogs on the grill, but delightful luncheon just sounds so much better.

One of these friends doesn’t like to have their picture taken…muahahahahahaha.

But I digress.

When I was planning this “delightful luncheon”, I was standing in front of the processed meat case in Aldi wondering what I could do to make it seem like it was more than hot dogs.

So I thought…what would my BFF Paula Deen do?

Well, she wouldn’t just get hot dogs, she’d get the smoked sausage that Superman had thrust in front of my face.

Then she’d stuff it with cheese, wrap it in bacon, and deep fry it.

Since I don’t have a deep fryer in my counter top, and I am to lazy to get out my pot, oil, and wait 20 minutes for it to heat up.

And since I thought I’d try to make this a bit healthier…

We grilled them.

Thanks Paula.

Your a life saver!


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14 thoughts on “June 1”

    1. I had Superman put them down cheese facing the fire first…that way it would begin to melt, but not ooze out.

      They got all melty from the rest of the grilling.

      Sorry, no shipping to the sandbox. I am quite sure you will fix him some when he gets home.

  1. My goodness! This is hot dog overload! I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be improved by bacon and cheese!!!!!

  2. They do look really yummy, and they smelled heavenly!!!! Before I got food allergies, and before mom wanted me to loose weight, I used to be able to eat quite a few hot dogs. I’ve never had them this way, and I’m kinda wondering why mom never made them this way before??? I always eat mine with lots of ketchup and onions. That was the only way I would eat a hot dog on a bun. But I did like my hot dogs in my mac’n’cheese. Have a lovely day y’all!!!!!!!

  3. LOL YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS! SPEAKING OF THE AMAZING PAULA DEEN, a Mary Kay lady from church came to the house today and did some facials for us. From our first conversation on the phone all I could think of was Paula Deen. She has got her accent and voice EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! I could listen to her talk forever it was just the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!

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