June 30

From as far back as I can remember, mom would let Sister and me lick the mixer beaters.

Mother made wedding cakes, and catered weddings.

She got me hooked on cake batter.

And now, sometimes I make a cake just so I can eat the batter.


It is good for the soul.

So, Internet, believe me when I say I know cake batter.

And this cake batter…it is fabulous.


I showed great restraint in only licking the beater for this cake.

Only because it was for the boy.

Normally, the chips get a choice of what kind of cake they are going to get, but this time, I pulled out my TWD cook book, pointed to the recipe and said “This is the cake your getting for your birthday.”

He only requested that I make cream cheese icing for it, instead of the butter cream.

Who am I to refuse cream cheese icing?

I heart cream cheese icing.

And because I love cream cheese icing that boy so much, I doubled the recipe.

This cake was so good, I could have eaten the entire thing all by myself.

Instead, we had a party…and I had to share that glorious cake with 4 men, and one woman.

I was lucky to even get a piece.

But that didn’t matter, because I had a bowl of cream cheese icing left over…muahahahahahha

If you want to make this Perfect Party Cake that Carol of Mix, Mix…stir, stir picked for today’s TWD, then go to her blog.

Get the recipe.

Make this cake.

Add only half the amount of lemon extract and use some vanilla bean paste.

Lick the beater.

Lick the spoon.

Leave some batter in the bowl and eat that too.

Double the cream cheese icing.

Use strawberry jam.

And have a party.


June 28

Well Internet, I got this front loader washing machine for $489.



The sale is on till July 6th or 8th.

It is a Consumer Reports recommended model too.

Delivery to take place on the 7th of July.

Yeah me.


June 27

Hey Internet.

Running out the door, waving good bye.

A friend told me about an Amana 3.5 cf. front loader for $500 at Home Depot.

We’re going to check them out.

Hope I don’t melt in this heat.


June 26

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

Actually today I am begging for advice.

I have 2 vacuum cleaners.

The downstairs one is a Kerby.   I’ll be using that till the day I die.

The upstairs one, however, is the third that we have purchased in the last 6 years.

Yesterday it blew up in a blaze of sparks, smoke and stench that took 3 hours to dissipate.

So, I need some advice for a small vacuum.

Preferably light weight, and cheap inexpensive frugal…and I have to be able to find it at Stuffmart, because that is the only store in town…sigh.


June 25

From the day he was born, I always wondered what he would look like when he got older.

Who would he be?

What would he want to be when he grew up?

I am so proud of the man you are becoming, I could burst…but I won’t because that would be an awful mess to have to clean up.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine.

I’m so very glad to be your mom.


June 24

We all know that I can take some freaky pictures.

Freak. E.!


Who, when having their picture taken has squinched up eyes?

He doesn’t.

Neither does she.

Maybe you just have to love pink, and chocolate and home school.

That’s it.

It has made me all kinds of crazy.