May 29

It’s Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

Today it is all about hair.

I have been having weird hair dreams.

Like….the last time I when to get my hair cut, the stylist shaved me bald.


I’d like to know what is the worst experience you’ve had at a hair salon.

What was the best?

I just gotta know!


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  1. Worst hair experience – about 5 years ago when I wanted my hair back to my natural color – I ended up having orange colored hair with green underneath. took many treatments to get it back.
    Best hair experience – just last night. I told the lady I was up for something new & boy did i get it. Love it!!!

  2. My worst hair experience have all been things that I have done to myself and not because of a salon. The first was when I tried to cut my bangs myself in highschool. I kept cutting and cutting to try and get them straight until they were about a cm long. That was cute. And early in my marriage I tried to put highlights in my own hair using that silly cap thing. I ended up with white streaks. Top that with the horrible haircut I had at the time and I looked ridiculous!

  3. I’ve really only been to a salon a handful of times.

    Once, I think I was in high school, the stylist spent the whole time telling me about her ex-husband and her aura.

    Maybe that’s why I just don’t get it cut.

  4. the “ninja/edward scissorhands” hairstylist cut my hair waaaaaaaaay too short. I looked like a boy. I do not have the face for short hair. I wore a baseball cap for 3 months and then it started to grow back in.
    never again…
    I cursed out that hairstylist so much that day.

  5. lol…I am a cosmetologist…FUNNY! The worst experience I ever had was my bangs being cut REALLY short by my Salon owner/manager!! I have natural curly hair, so they shrank even more! HORRIBLE!

  6. Overpermed hair back in the 80s….by a coworker who claimed to be a hairdresser. I should have suspected something when when she pulled out the 2nd box of solutions. I really should have suspected something when she wasn’t actually working as a hairdresser.

    I have a gift certificate for a free haircut at a salon I’ve never been to….this always makes me nervous and I’ve been sitting on it for weeks now.

  7. My worst experiece with a bad hair day was on Sep. 5th, 1969, at about 1:00 p.m. After a long flight to Texas the night before and a lot of being yelled at when I got there, I suffered the ultimate indignity when a mean looking Staff Sargent took a pair of dull electric clippers and raked them across the top of my head like Grandpa shearing his sheep. I was no longer Cousin Jerry. I was in the Air Force and my name was dirt.

  8. I do not frequent salons. I have a private hairdresser and she is terrific.( It is my sister,Tanya’s mother) One time she did tease me and when she cut my hair and permed it she pulled out a handful of hair and said “oops”. Kinda scary.

  9. Worst…got 3rd degree burn on my forehead due to a chemicals from permenant solution.

    Best..Jose buzzed my hair off to 1/4″ …I loved it and would wear it like that now but my head gets too cold!

  10. Oh, boy! Somewhere, there are pics of my most horrible hair experience!

    It was my senior year of college, and I lived in a house of six women. We were all going to go to the Homecoming banquet (before Malone allowed dancing!) and some of my friends were going to JC Penneys for updos. My hair was really short, but somehow my friends convinced me to get my hair done there, too. And it was so bad I cried! It was a darker red at the time, and I looked… exactly like Ronald McDonald! I cried all the way home, but one of my friends fixed it so that it wasn’t QUITE so horrible! The pics are still embarrassing to look at, though!

    On the plus side, I have had some great salon experiences… and my hubby just got me a gift certificate to get my hair done for my bday 🙂 I LOVE getting my hair done 🙂

  11. RIGHT before I was scheduled to sing in my cousin’s wedding, I went to get my hair cut (maybe a week prior?), my hair has been short for years, BUT, this time, I looked like a lamb shorn for slaughter. It was so short, it wasn’t long enough to poof. It was more on the spikey side.

    A few years prior to that, I decided to highlight my hair. It turned out the color of a caution light. It scared the poor children I worked with at the time.

    I don’t highlight my hair myself, I don’t color it at all. I’m terrified of it. And since we moved to New England, I get the same person to cut my hair, ALL of the time.

  12. Fifteen years ago my long beautiful hair was so heavy. I went to a stylist and asked for it to be “layered”. Instead I had “layers”. Three of them. One across the back of my head. One half way down the hair. Then the last one which she trimmed up real well at the bottom. This lady was so proud of the haircut. It was a disaster! I ended up cutting it all off to the middle “layer”. So much for growing my hair out for 3 years.

    I’ve had too many disasterous hair cuts and perms that didnt take that I am scared witless to try highlighting it. And the gray is coming……..

  13. My worst experience in a hair salon will be different than everyone elses….since I was the stylist. LOL!

    Mine would be where a man walked into my salon and had a FIT because there were people waiting ahead of him. (We didn’t do appointments. It was walk-ins only.)

    SO, I tried explaining that it’s first come/first served.

    Then, he became irate.

    Now, this wasn’t some little man. He was HUGE. About the size of my hubby! He scared me.

    I had to ask him to leave, as he was scaring the customers. He then went really crazy.

    I was so mad I could have stomped him by this point. If my hubby had been there, well….it would have been BAD! He was cursing me and being terrible!

    Oh,and I had a stalker one time. That was lovely.

    I have lots of salon stories. 🙂

  14. Picture this….I’ve just moved to NC. My haircut I got before I left Ohio has grown out. I’m the new Pastor’s wife so I want to look my best. My husband goes to see a barber who is a church member. He suggests the Beauty Salon next door. The name should have been a dead giveaway. It was Miss Kitty’s. Wish I’d a “Got Outta Dodge!!!!!!” I go in, sit down & find the cut I want in a magagine. I luck out & get Miss Kitty Herself!!!!! She picks up my hair, cuts the top so it’s almost 1 1/2″ long on top & goes from there…..As she’s cutting I realize I must be the only woman in the place under 70!!! Anyway She curls my hair & sprays it so hard. I have such big hair I can barely get though the door. I tried to be nice when I got over the shock of seeing it & even had to leave a TIP!!!!!!!!
    I got to the car & my husband says WHO ARE YOU? He laughs at me all the way home, then my 18 year old daughter sees it & rolls on the ground laughing. It was so short on top I couldn’t curl it. I had spikes for 2 months. I had a really hard time finding a decent salon in NC. Florida is better, but no one compares to my sister who gave me great highlights while I was in Ohio a few weeks ago.

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