May 27

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the chocolate I used in yesterday’s TWD.

It is called Askinoise.

I found out about Askinoise chocolate last year when Peabody said that she got some cocoa power from them and would never use anything else.

Well, I had to investigate.

What I found was a man who prayed about making chocolate.



About chocolate.


The man prays over his chocolate?!?!

And Internet, any man who prays over his chocolate before he makes it, must make one deliciously blessed chocolate.

I was so there!

I had to try some.

Then I saw the price and fainted.

So Askinoise sat on the back burner for well over a year…moldering in the back of my mind.

Then May, 2009 happened…and Chocolatechic didn’t get anything for Mother’s Day.

And I began to feel a bit sorry for myself, so I decided that I was going to get myself  some chocolate and I wouldn’t share…so there!

And in my head,  I stomped my foot  like a 2 year old when I clicked “send” on my order.

Welcome to my kind of crazy!

PS.   I shared my chocolate.   I can’t be a brat for long.    Chefboy loved it, and I had to hide it so he wouldn’t eat it all.

(for the record~~these next 2 photos were taken when I was fiddlefarting around with my camera settings.   Dumb I know.   Why mess with a good thing?  but I did, and they are noisy.  Apologies to your eyes)

Now I know y’all know where I stand on white chocolate(which really isn’t chocolate, it is chocolate leftovers flavored with vanilla…please shoot me now!) so why in the world did I purchase some?

Because this isn’t “leftovers”, Internet.

This is actual cocoa butter with chocolate still in it.

It actually tastes like cocoa butter and chocolate.

It is what “white” chocolate should taste like.

I also got me some of this.

I’ll let you read the description.

All I can say is….better. than. Valhrona.

The end.

Chocolatechic’s birthday is in October.    That will give you lots of time to save up your pennies and get me a present.

You know what I’m asking for!


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13 thoughts on “May 27”

  1. I want the last bar photographed…that sounds DEEVINE.

    I’m glad you ordered some and have now reported to the masses like myself who didn’t know anything about this brand of chocolate. THANKS!

  2. Well….I live in St Louis, am going to Branson in August…this place is located in Springfield MO, so I am stopping there…taking the plant tour and buying me some Chocolate.!!!
    Thanks for this post…I never knew about this place or the Chocolate!

  3. It isn’t bad enough I had to run out and get some Country Bob’s a few weeks ago. Now I have to get some of this! My husband loves white chocolate. I’m not such a big fan but I will try it for him.

  4. Didn’t you think that wonderful choccy was too good for cooking – obviously not. I’m afraid I would have had to just EAT it!

  5. I love the fact that you bought yourself a present when no-one else was forthcoming – and what better present than chocolate that has been prayed over? I find it hard to locate good white chocolate, so I will have to bear this in mind.

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