May 26

Oh…Dorie, Dorie, Dorie!

You have these fabulous ideas.

You take 2 brilliant desserts and combine them into one.

Brownies and Chocolate chip cookes.

You make me think to put white and dark chocolate in the brownie batter instead of walnuts, because I don’t like nuts in my brownies.

Then you say to mix up fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough.

Dough that is so fabulous I eat 2 bite fulls of raw batter, and don’t want to stop.

Then you say to plop the rest of this delicious dough on top of the brownie dough and spread it out.

You say to bake it for 50-55 minutes or until the top is golden and a knife comes out slightly streaked with chocolate.

So I do that.

The knife is slightly streaked.

The guests are eagerly awaiting Chipster Topped brownies (that Beth of Supplicious picked for today’s TWD).

I cut the gorgeous brownies only to see that they aren’t done.

So, we stick them back in for 15 minutes as the guests sit around chatting, politely waiting for their dessert.

Still not done.

Back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Guests starting to demand dessert.

Not done.

Back for 10 more minutes.

Guests and myself finally decide that whether or not it is done, an hour and a half of baking have fully cooked the eggs and we will eat it whether or not it is done.

Not done, but we eat the goo anyway.

Because you can not go wrong with this much chocolate.

You just can not.

Go check out Beth’s blog.Β Β  She has the recipe and the way to get around all this under baked problem.

Beth is brilliant!

Chocolatechic…not so much.


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45 thoughts on “May 26”

  1. OH! Yeahhhh… nothing like chocolate goo!!! MMmm… and yours looks soooo fabulous!

    Ding! Dong! Hello… I’m here for goo! (I’m sure a lot of the Twd had the same problem – if it is one, but no one will have seen it as positivly as you! – GOOD FOR YOU!)

    I’m glad you found to enjoy it no matter what.

  2. I’m sorry they didn’t bake all the way through for you! They look great! I really liked them, the dryness of the brownie layer seems to have disappeared over night πŸ™‚

  3. Are there less calories in these delicious looking bars if they are under baked?

    I will be checking out Beth’s blog so I know how to correct this problem I have with some Blondies I like to make. So yum but very frustrating.

  4. I had issues as well…though I finally realized after cooling to room temp that just the very middle was teh worst of it, and I cut around that part. They were ok…but I found myself thinking “now I want to bake ‘real’ brownies”

  5. They look delicious, goo and all. I didn’t seem to have any kind of problems with mine. The cookie layer didn’t sink and it spread just fine, and there was no goo in the center. Go figure.

  6. Yum to goo, add a little ice cream on top–Mud slide brownies! I was so full after our BBQ last night that I couldn’t even eat one, just barely a bite while I was cutting them. Mine was a little underdone but not bad. Good thing there’s leftovers to try later. πŸ˜‰

  7. I think Dorie and I have exactly the same OVEN! Seriously, I always read about all these oven things, but usually it is just right on the money with mine. The guys inhaled these…Mark restricted himself to one last night, and then one before bed, and then one for breakfast, and then one for a snack just now…am not sure what this “resticting myself to one” means exactly! LOL. There sure was enough chocolatey goodness for you chocolate lovers this week. Next week: Cinnamon. Still can’t locate those cinnamon chips you always have at your disposal.

  8. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Your pictures are totally drool-worthy! They are making me want to reach for chocolate right now πŸ™‚

  9. I, too, ate some raw cookie dough. And I, too, had some underbaked brownies. Very odd that some people had problems with the baking time and some did not. Your goo looks great though, and I am glad you and your guests enjoyed.

  10. You poor thing, having guests sitting around expecting dessert and a brownie that will not fully bake. I’m sure you kept them entertained, and I think it’s admirable that you all ate it anyway.

  11. So chocolatechic…. you have me addicted to farmtown now what do you have to say for yourself… huh huh thats what i thought you are laughing… but this recipe is AWESOME this was great… granted i never got my piece to take home so idk but i did get to taste the batter so i know it is is great

    ❀ the random extra chip

  12. Oh gosh, yours still looks amazing. I’m sort of famous for under-baking, because that’s how I like my chocolate desserts. So I would have been a very happy guest at your house!

  13. Ditto!!!! Baked, baked, baked, still not done. But, you are right, pretty darn good.

    That last pic – fantastic!!!

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