May 22

Hey Internet.

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

I have to keep being reminded that we are coming into a holiday weekend.

It is not because my brain is on artificial life support.

It is because it has been so stinkin’ cold here that it doesn’t seem like it should be time for Memorial Day.

I have not prepared.


Tell me.

What do you do, to celebrate Memorial Day?

I need help.



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15 thoughts on “May 22”

  1. Good Morning CC. I have to agree that it doesn’t seem like Memorial Day at all. As for plans, I don’t have any. The hubby has to work all weekend and Monday too. So I can’t be of any help. I will just loaf around the house.

  2. My DD & her boys are going to the zoo. They have a Stringray exhibit…and you can touch them…so Saturday morning UP and Early to the zoo we go. The rest of the weekend will be on the fly!
    Have a good one CC

  3. Cold? It’s so hot here that I can hardly stand it. I’m sorry that you’re in some freaky weather system. I say do whatever it is that your family loves best…My family gathers for a BBQ. Sunday afternoon is usually spent visiting the graveyards. Very simple celebrations.

  4. We will spend the holiday weekend at the pool. Our community water park opens tomorrow and it will be 85 degrees out. We already have our season passes and sunscreen. It should be fun with a 1 year old this year! I am also hoping to bbq and our church is having a fund drive too. Busy busy busy!

  5. It’s suppose to hit 88 here today in northern NJ. However, I did here it will return tot he low 70’s by tomorrow and be very cloudy on Monday. I am sorry you are cold. 😦

    We are going to my daughter’s Saturday for a picnic. Monday we are going to our little rinky-dink parade here in our little town. The kids will sit in lawn chairs by the side of the road and catch candy that all the scouts throw out as they march by. When the vetern’s march by, we always yell out “THANK YOU!” They usually have one young man in a convertible who has just returned from Iraq and we stand up and applaud him.

  6. We’ll have something special during the morning church service, but other than that, I have to say that it is a regular weekend for us. It is supposed to be a wet weekend, too.

  7. When hubby is home for the holiday we’ll grill something for lunch of dinner but this year he is up north. We could still have burgers & dogs, we’ll see. I’ll be planting my veggies and flowers that I hope to get Sat. and Sun. since Memorial day is the official safe day of planting outside up here – chance of frost has virtually ended.

  8. Try to have some sort of get together with someone. This year I think I am going to LOAF AROUND. Maybe even read a book.

  9. We always go to the grandparents house to swim all day. In the afternoon we grill hotdogs, hamburgers and skewers of zuchinni, yellow squash, onions and mushrooms. It is a nice lazy day and the kids love getting to see their little cousin.

  10. Since dad is a WW2 veteran, we will probably go to their house and have a cook out, and play marbles, or euchre. It will be quiet and fun.

  11. Well, this morning The Husband and I talked about the things we’ve been through as a military family and then said a few prayers for the families that have lost their loved ones. Hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day!


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