May 21

Oh Internet.

You know I’m such a slacker.

Today I am supposed to post some lovely Lemon Cakes for my BB’s group, but you know what???

I have been sitting here at my computer for the last 4 days or so, glancing into the kitchen every so often, looking at my bag full of lemons thinking “I really need to make those lemon cakes….naaahhhhh I’ve got time”.

Then this morning I decided ‘today I’ll make those lemon cakes’.

So I pulled out my printed off recipe and at the top it says in my own handwriting “post on 5/21”.

Today is 5/21!  Gack!

I have to mix them up,  then photograph them, then bake them, then photograph them, then photoshop them.

So….if your here for Lemon Cakes….come back Saturday.

My brain…it needs CPR!


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6 thoughts on “May 21”

  1. CPR? Hahahahaha… Everyone gets CRS (can’t remember stuff) from time to time. Have yourself a happy day whether or not you bake.

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