May 20

As a mother, many times you tune things out.

Oh…you subconsciously hear the low hum of children’s chatter, and are instantly alerted when all goes quiet.

The hum of the computer, the fridge, the bird song outside…it is all there, but you don’t really give it any other thought.

Until it gets so insistent right in your ear that you have to pay attention.

That is what happened a few days ago.

I was IMing Sister when all of a sudden Whiskey is going nuts at the sliding glass door.  She is leaping into the glass and doing this little cat bark thing.

It got my attention, and that is when the noise came to the forefront of my consciousness.

The screeching of a baby bird.

And mama trying to bribe it with a worm.

But the poor thing is scared.

Mama gets a a bit closer, but then she the cat and flies away.

She might be a mama, but she’s no dummy.

Leaving the poor thing to my psycho cat and the camera clicking away.

Then yesterday afternoon, I hear more screeching.

This little one is on my front porch.

Not paying me a bit of attention.

Isn’t he precious?   He can visit any time.

Unless he poops on my furniture,  then all bets are off.

I have a psycho cat , and I’m not afraid to use her.


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11 thoughts on “May 20”

  1. Well I think you should not name them in case you need psycho cat to “help” with the dodo situation.
    Great pics though!!!!!!!

  2. What wonderful photos! I have three cats who constantly jump and ‘cat bark’ at anything they see outside the window (squirrels, birds, other cats, rabbits, etc.., otherwise they sleep.

  3. I just noticed something! That’s not a mama bird with the worm. That’s Papa! The feminists are wrong! Fathers ARE needed!

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