May 16

I want to thank y’all for all y’all’s help in deciding what to do with small check.

I We have decided that Superman we are going to paint the front porch.

The girl and I found the perfect color to match our siding.

Shasta Daisy.

But then I got to thinking…all that foot traffic on the paint….will it chip?  how often will it need painted? how often will I have to sweep the front porch?

And then I started thinking about your idea to stain the wood, and my brain whirled around again…would ¾ inch plywood look good stained?  how often would it need varnished?  would the varnish wear away?  how often would I have to sweep it?

So, I’m coming back to you, my brilliant Internet.

Paint or stain?

That is the question.


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  1. I would find a couple pieces of old wood, buy a pint of paint and some stain and set them on the porch and watch them for awhile. You can always add some fun outdoor accent rugs to deter from the plywood look. You can usually get them seasonal/clearanced so cheap that they are almost disposable.

  2. Use a deck stain and a deck treatment. And when it needs “refreshing” you can use a deck cleaner on it. I realize this is a porch, but it is the same concept. Talk to the folks at your local home supply store about the best way to stain and treat your porch/deck. You may want to add sosme sort of slip preventative to the traffic areas. This will help during the winters when it could get icy.

  3. I would say stain. The thing with adding a slip preventative is you need to find one that doesn’t leave nooks and crannies. Those don’t clean well.

  4. There is deck quality paint out there at your local Lowe’s/HomeDepot style store. I vote for paint and a small rug near the entry. The paint should last a good while before needing refurbishing. You can actually power wash the plywood and roll on the paint. You may need to first put a primer on it but that would be something to check out at the paint store. Good Luck.

  5. We use a solid color deck stain that looks a lot like paint. It needs to be redone about every third year. I like it a lot and it’s right out in the weather so perhaps you could get by with staining. We happen to use a Behr product from Home Depot, I believe. Perhaps you could match up that Shasta Daisy very easily. Oh, I like the idea for an outdoor runner to the door! Best wishes with your project whatever you decide to do.

  6. We used solid stain on our deck. It looks like paint, goes on line paint, is available in a limitless variety of colors, but doesn’t peel when it gets old like paint does–just starts to wear away. You will have to redo it periodically, but not as often as paint. The guys at a couple of home improvement stores all recommended the stain, and the price was about the same.

    I would also add some anti-slip grit like ground rubber. The sand or ground walnut additives work well, but aren’t as friendly on the bare feet. The rubber is soft enough not to hurt. You could still throw a strip of carpet down, too, if you prefer.

  7. Good ol’ paint…plywood does not stain very well. I would maybe even use some stencils to add some texture.
    I will come over and help…just send me air fare!!!

  8. Stain won’t chip or peel and like others have said, there are some stains that are very much like paint – check at you local hardware store they will have all the answers.

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