May 15

Happy Friday, Internet!!!

I’m nosy today.

The Parents will be leaving tomorrow for the first of 2 vacations they have planned for this year.

Have you planned a vacation for this year?

If so, are you going as far as you normally do? or are you staying closer to home?

OH…and the biggest question of all…if your staying in a hotel, do  you make sure that it has a swimming pool and a contentinal breakfast?

I do!


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  1. We are staying home. Next weekend is our homeschool convention, so Sir Husband and I will be going without the kids. It’s our working/honeymoon/vacation thing. 😀 We are staying at a suite. It has a kitchen, offers dinner with alchol drinks on Thursday, and breakfast in the morning. Yes, it has a pool and no I will not be swimming, but Sir Husband might. I think they even have a hot tub.

  2. We always try and stay somewhere with an indoor pool if possible. I’m very sensitive to the sun, but love to swim, so I like the indoor pool and hot tub. Room service is highly desired too, or at least a nice restaurant within walking distance!

  3. No vacation for us this year, but I do hope to get away for a couple of day trips. Hope that your parents have a wonderful time!

  4. Vacation = visit to grandparents, so breakfast is free, but they don’t have a swimming pool.

    NASA Guy likes to go to B&Bs if we do get a chance to get away from the kidlets. We have plans to visit Donna’s this summer. We are also finally going to take the Twinlets to Twinsburg this year!

  5. We are going on vacation this year!! First time in 4 years. Woo hoo! We are taking a driving vacation in the new-as-of-yet-unnamed new car. I want to travel down the coast and DH wants to drive east. It is yet undecided, but I am really looking forward to it. I wish gas would quit creeping up. If it goes too high we will have to stay close.

  6. No real plans, although a possible trip to WDW in October is on the back burner. I really don’t want to go there again. A trip to Destin sounds more like it and we’ve yet to see the Grand Canyon.
    There will be a trip to visit family this summer, as usual.

    I like hotels w/breakfasts, although they’re usually nothing more than a carb fest and who needs all that bloating while confined to a small space for the next 12 hours?

  7. we’re buying a new home, we’ll never take a vacation again…
    when we have gone on vacation we go all out and make sure it’s in DisneyWorld where all the glorious food, fun, and hospitality abounds. (or the caribbean and it must be oceanfront or else!)

  8. Yes, we are going to our favorite, the beach in FL. We stay in a condo, so no bfast ready made, but a washer and dryer is a must, and oceanfront!
    When we stay at a hotel, we love Drury because they are Christians and they offer afternoon snacks and libations, as well as breakfast and free phone calls and internet. Love them, we like to sneak away for a night whenever we can.

  9. I actually have two vacations planned in the near future (the next six weeks):

    May 30th – June 1st I’ll visit Disneyland Paris with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. My mom and I will stay one night longer and actually take a trip to Paris itself on June 2nd.

    June 8th – June 22nd I’ll visit a dear friend of mine in Waterloo, Ontario – Canada, we’re also planning to go to Montreal for a weekend during this visit.

  10. Tybee Island for 4 days.

    We usually B&Bs so breakfast is always part of the plan. Don’t care about the swimming pool but really try to find a place that serves a breakfast. East Bay Inn in Savannah serves up a GREAT breakfast!

  11. Yes we are. We’ll be going to see the in-laws. We will be staying with the BIL & his family. Since the plane tickets will be around $1500 we will rent a car since the accommodations are provided but transportation is more difficult.

  12. Hopefully we will be going with your parents on their second vacation in September. If Uncle Jim stays well and money can be saved. We will be staying with the sister and her husband. Can’t wait.

  13. I plan to drive to Nashville in October to visit my daughter and her husband.

    In hotel yes breakfast, maybe pool.

  14. Pool – yes! B’fast – double yes! DH and I have a cottage “up north” and our vacations are centered around going there. That means the trip length is always the same… gas prices have not hindered our trips yet.

  15. We have only been on two trips that could qualify as “vacation.” One was our honeymoon nearly 8 years ago, another was a cabin rental in North Carolina. We have planned a vacation this year, and it’s only a few weeks from now. We’re spending two nights at a B&B…I’ve worked at one, never stayed at one. And then we are renting a cottage that is on a resort property…where they bring you breakfast in a basket. The B&B is in Portland, Maine, and the cottage is in Kennebunkport. I’m super excited!!!!!!!

  16. Not this year with the new baby: Mike is using up all his vacation time with that – and we are planning on moving later this summer, so that will finish off my vacation time! Hopefully next year! And breakfast is definitely a bonus, but the pool isn’t a necessity!

  17. We usually rent a condo on the beach in Delaware. Not this year. We are going to visit my husband’s parents in SC. They have been there 4 years and we have not been to see them yet. We will stay at a hotel where my husband can use his points from all his work related travel. We will drive with 4 of our kids in the van (ages 9-16) I am not looking forward to the drive. While down there we will try to see my uncle in Charleston. He always told us he would show us the sites if we ever came down there. Later in August, we will drive up to Massachusetts to visit my mom, brothers and husband’s sister & kids. Oh, almost forgot, we will also see my 94 year old grampa!

  18. I am going to IRELAND!!!!!!! My wonderful son and his girlfriend are taking me, and being the “love adventure” types, we are doing the hostel thing…..was loads of fun when I was young, kinda worried about it now that i am “all growed up”…..LOL

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