May 13

Got a letter in the mail a couple of days ago.


From the Government.


Dear Superman and Chocolatechic,

You screwed up on your taxes.

But wait!   Don’t panic.  It was in your favor.

We’re gonna send you a small check.


The Govern. ment.


Low and behold, 2 days later,  small check arrived.

Superman and I just can’t decide which home improvement option to choose so I’m coming to you, Internet, to get some help.

Should we…


Strip the wall paper and paint the bathroom, ooooorrr…..


Replace the indoor/outdoor carpeting on our front porch?

They both need done, but only one will happen.

I report, you decide.



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41 thoughts on “May 13”

  1. I’d go for whichever you have to look at more often! I assume you look at the bathroom walls more than once a day. How often do you look at the hole on your front porch? That would be my benchmark!

  2. Do both….here’s how. Strip the wallpaper. Find a nice color of paint on the bargain “mis-mixed” rack at your local home improvement store. (In my area it’s only a couple of bucks for a gallon). Buy a small outdoor area rug and nail it in place over the bald spot.

    If you have money left over replace the light fixture in the bathroom. I have the same “Hollywood bar” type fixture and I’m been dying to get something new so I’m simply projecting my wishes upon you!!!


  3. My son and I both vote for the carpet. It looks to be in worse shape. Although in the mirror I see your wallpaper is peeling. That would drive me nuts too. Oh, what to do……

  4. I would say go with the front porch. I love your bathroom. lol. It’s kinda hypnotizing. Only reason I say the front porch is because if that was me walking over it everyday, I would end up tripping. Or, I like Suzanne’s response too.

  5. Lucky you getting more money back! I’d go for the front porch. The bathroom will end up being a bigger project than you anticipated (i.e. light fixture) because bathroom’s always are. Although, I have to say, if there was anybody who could find a way to do both, it would be you! ; ) Have fun!

  6. I would go for the porch. If you are like me when we took the wallpaper off the bathroom wall and painted, then the mirrors didn’t look right, nor did the light fixtures or the color of the cabinets and so on. So do the the porch.

  7. My vote is for the bathroom. I would paint it a light/pale shade, maybe yellow, blue, PINK. 🙂 Nothing dark. Also, I would see if my “small check” would cover paint & a new light fixture. New paint and a new light fixture would completely change the look of your bathroom.

    A tip on stripping the wallpaper. Fill a spritz bottle with 2 parts water and 1 part white vinegar. Score your wallpaper, being careful not to score too deep, then just spray it on, let it sit a couple minutes, then strip it off. No need to buy wallpaper stripper. The vinegar works GREAT!

    A solution for the front porch. Go to Dollar General, Family Dollar, or even Stuffmart and buy an inexpensive outdoor rug. I just bought a cute one at Dollar General for $2. If I were you I would nail each corner of the rug to the porch so it keeps the area covered.

    I can’t wait to hear which project you decide upon. And I can’t wait to see pictures of Superman doing said project, while you supervise and take pictures. 😉

  8. At first I thought that the reflection in the mirror showed a long strip of peeling wallpaper, but now I’m thinking it’s just a reflection of a towel hanging by a hook? I would replace the carpet on the porch- unless I could just take up the carpet and paint the porch, then I would try to do both the porch AND the bathroom. 🙂

  9. I vote for Suzanne’s idea, but if it’s not possible go for the carpeting. What must the neighbors with the orange porch think when they look across the street? 😛 (tee hee)

  10. The front porch needs it worse than the bathroom. The bathroom is only cosmetic, the front porch, on the other hand, will become an issue. If that exposed lumber rots and you end up having to replace it, it will end up costing a lot more money.

    On the wallpaper peeling issue, I have used a spray bottle filled about a 1/4 full of fabric softener and the rest water. Spray on a small area and let it saturate and then remove paper with a putty knife. You have to make sure the paper is wet as you keep peeling. The fabric softener breaks down the glue and makes the room smell good to boot!

  11. I say the bathroom first, strip paper, get some oops paint at Home Depot…then with the left over money…take on the porch. Paint the porch instead of carpet….much cheaper ..
    Post us some pictures when you are done…!!!
    have fun.

  12. I would go for the porch. Everyone is right you don’t want it to rot. I would tear the carpet up and just paint it. Maybe a nice Pink color??? Can’t wait to see what you guys decide on.

    And if you have any money left – buy yourself some chocolate to share with me/your good friend!

  13. I say do the porch, the carpet looks really dangerous. Why not take up the carpet and varnish the wood, that would look really classy.

  14. I agree with the first commenter. You see the bathroom the most, so you two should fix that. Just think – if you fix the front porch, you will still have to wake up every morning to a bathroom you don’t like.

    You could also fix the porch enough to make it less hazardous for FREE. Just peel off the carpet yourself, and then get it fixed whenever you have the money.

    That way both problems are remedied!

  15. Remove the carpet on the front porch, and paint a design resembling a rug on the porch. (You could even make a stencil of fringe to go around the edges.) Everyone will think you are a wizard. he he
    Gee…I wish I was getting a suprise in the mail too

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