May 11

So, the Sister’s were in town this week, and I went to visit with them.


1.  I haven’t seen them in some time.

2.  It was Mother’s Day this weekend.

3.  These women are very special to me


4.   There was a new baby to hold.

Internet, let me just tell you that I held that boy.

I held him and held him, and held him…ok fine!   I hogged that boy all day long.

I love babies, and this little guy is precious!


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21 thoughts on “May 11”

  1. AWWW!!! I wish so badly I could have stayed a few more days to see all of you… Love the pictures 🙂 Beautiful!!

  2. Awww… I love babies, he’s adorable! But no more for me, sadly, advanced maternal age and all that jazz… (Plus, honestly, I’m not sure how I’d handle all that getting up in the night at my advanced maternal age, LOL)

  3. I’m so happy for you!!

    Last night I had nursery duty at church and our pastor’s wife had already brought in her older 2 so the girl and I were watching/playing with them. Then a little past half way through the service she brought down the baby – he’s about 6 weeks now – and asked if I would hold him as he was keeping her from being able to listen and he didn’t need to nurse. So for about 25-30 minutes I got to hold that sweet little bundle of joy while the girl played with the other two kids. 🙂 Yep, my mother’s day was complete.

  4. Oh he’s so cute! I love babies too. I just had my second last year at the ripe old age of 38. They called it a geriatric pregnancy. That made me feel really good about things! Now that 40 is just around the bend, I question the sanity of my decision. I’ll be homeschooling until I’m 56(ds is almost 11). We got caught up in the baby frenzy!

  5. Well no wonder that you held him all day. He’s adorable. Besides, holding babies is a great stress reducer I’ve found.

  6. Had a wonderful day with you all. And yes, she did hog the baby!The rest of us werer busy trying to keep up with his big brother(18 months old). He is so busy and sooooooooooooo cute and full of energy. He is going to keep his Mommy hopping.

  7. He’s so sweet. I’m his Grandma. That was a good picture Chic. You didn’t make us look too bad at our advanced ages.:)I don’t think you hogged him too badly. You just can’t help it, he’s so cuddly….

  8. I’m the very proud mama of the sweet little boy – great photos, Tanya – of the Sisters and my boy 🙂 It was great to see you Saturday – and thanks for the amazing brownies!

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