May 8

It’s Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

Do you have a Farmer’s Market in your area?

If you do, do you go and support your local area?

If you don’t support it, why not?

We have one, and we generally support it.   The prices are a bit more than the grocery, but the produce is TONS better and last TONS longer.   Therefore, it isn’t more expensive.



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  1. Yes, we do. It is at the Muskingum co. Fiargrounds every Saturday morning from 9-12.
    I go when my schedule allows and I buy produce from the vendors that I know for sure are locals that are growers. I won’t buy fromt he people that I know purchased thier produce somewhere else an are just reselling it.
    I always feel leike I am eating better when I have “stuff” from the market.

  2. We have a couple and we go but later in the summer when the produce is actually “local”, there seem to be quite a few vendors who purchase shipped in produce and sell it (more expensive than supermarkets, I think it’s misleading.
    I also have some issues with all the baked goods offered sold by our local Amish population… way to yummy and tempting! Of course I “have” to help them out by purchasing some sweet breads, pies, cookies, etc….
    We also had a truck last year that sold dog bones for a great price, I think it was like $3 for a 12 inch bone.

  3. We have a traditional Farmer’s Market through the summer months, which I don’t usually frequent because the prices are quite high. I do support farmstands by the side of the road for veggies and berries. And we have a farmer who has a little open market where we can buy wonderful things. My favorite is to buy a flat of double yolker eggs…hmmm, fresh and delicious.

  4. I would always prefer to buy from our local farmers’ market. I don’t appreciate and won’t shop at the ones that try and pass off the veggies bought at Wal-Mart as their own – I want the locally grown stuff!

    From what I understand, the locally grown stuff is better for fighting allergies and such – since it is pollentated (sp?) with the local pollens and etc.

    I’m all about supported our local farmer. Plus the taste is just so much better! It’s a no brainer – as far as I’m concerned.

  5. We have a local Farmers Market. I normally dont support it as I raise it all myself.

    Once in awhile I will go for extra dill or something like that.

    I love going to big city ones. We spend hours at them.

  6. We love our local farmer’s market. They used to run from April – November and this year they stayed open all winter (every other week). We buy locally roasted coffee, salad greens, fresh veggies, and hummus and soups that are made by locals. I love supporting them and am looking forward to buying the things there that we don’t grow in our garden!

  7. I’m going to have to see if I can find a local FM this summer.

    When we were in Ohio the FM was right near Grandma’s house, so we would take her to buy her produce when we bought ours. 🙂

  8. Yes there are several here. I support the one that is about 1 mile from my home. Prices may be more but supporting local farmers while receiving home grown quality can not be beat!

  9. Our farmers market/flea market is not close enough. Some friends of ours have an orchard business and we frequent their produce stand throughout the year. Just bought some fresh, juicy strawberries yesterday.

  10. We have several in our area (central IL, lots of farms) and I mainly go to one that’s two miles outside of our tiny town. They aren’t “certified organic” (too expensive) but they do use organic practices and the produce is often actually cheaper than at the grocery store. I love to go and take the kids to pick out fruits/veggies, because they seem much more likely to try something new if they picked it out.

  11. There is one in London, Ohio, that is run, I believe, by Ralph Lininger. At least that’s what I heard. Joyce likes it in the summer time.

  12. We are lucky to have an ice cream stand in our town. Farmers market? Goodness no. If we did, I’d be right there supporting it. But I do drive a ways to Whole Foods market and use the locally-grown produce there; prices are a bit higher, but they are organic and taste so much better. I love those hydroponic tomatoes (sp?), they last a long time.

  13. What a coincidence. I just drove past the park where our farmers’ market is held. It starts up again on Tues. May 19 and runs for 6 months. It’s a three block walk from my house. I like to go early and have a sweet potato muffin while I shop.

    Many of the neighbourhoods in Toronto now have markets and they are managed so that true local farmers are selling there and not wholesalers who ship in produce.

    I particularly love the Fall when unusual varieties of apples and peaches are available.

  14. Ours started last weekend and I took the kids. It’s HUGE!!!!!! We belong to a CSA so I don’t buy too much at market, but I usually spend about $20 each week. Mostly, it’s just a fun thing to do with the family.

  15. We have one which should be opening soon in downtown Springfield at the old city market building. We will get there more often now that we live in town. Cousin Jerry, Was Ralph Lininger the man Dean used to work for years ago?

  16. I love our farmers market. I have been selling yeast bread and rolls, quick breads and sweet goodies (twists, orange rolls, lemon bars, cookies, brownies…) at ours for a 3 years now. It is a bit of work but I have always done extremely well and hardly ever have things left at the end of the day. It is fun getting to know the people in our community and the vendors as well. If we do have things that don’t sell we always trade each other at the end of the afternoon. I have always been able to get a great trade with the growers and have made quite a few sweet deals with customers as well. It has been a great opportunity to teach my children to work and to be involved with the community as they all help me every weekend during the summer.(Baking and selling) I’m excited because our market starts up next weekend. We’ll see how we do this summer…

  17. What interesting comments! I have been selling at a FM for five years. Ours only allows produce that the seller grows himself. Of course, sometimes things slip in but not often. There are food booths too but everything must be made in a certified kitchen. The pollen comment sounds very strange to me, bees and other insects pollinate everything. When there is a bee hive the bees do a better job with pollination so more fruits and vegetables are produced. The fruit and vegetables at FM have not lost their vitamins and minerals due to heat and travel like those in stores.

  18. Wow. Yes, we have a wonderful Farmer’s Market. There’s a large one in KC and a smaller one here. The produce is generally all less expensive than the market though. In fact, I just bought all of my hardened herbs this weekend and planted my herb garden!


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