May 7

I am a feminist’s nightmare.

I believe in definite gender specific rolls.

Oh, I’m not hard core about it.

The boy played Barbies and with the girl’s dolls, and the girl played with the boy’s trucks in the dirt, climbed trees, and shot her stick guns.

I taught the boy how to do laundry, mop, dust, vacuum, and do the dishes, but I also taught him to open the door for a lady, to carry her packages, to help her over ice, etc.

The girls in college don’t know what to do when he opens the door for them.

Chivalry isn’t dead.


I firmly believe that if you have a man, and he isn’t disabled, he should be doing the man jobs.

Because if he didn’t, then we  wouldn’t get the pleasure of watching all those muscles.

Now would we?

In full disclosure, I didn’t sit in the Veranda sipping a mint julep, I unload 1200 pounds of dirt all by myself, and I transplanted strawberries.

Then I went to the lawn chair Veranda and chugged sipped on a mint julep the gallon of water I had brought out for my man.



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    1. The soil in my yard is a mixture of clay and rocks, so we have filled these 5′ kiddy swimming pools with dirt to make gardens.

      We He also moved them a bit closer to the house.

      We had to get 2 more pools so that we could plant more veggies for the girl.

      1. Wow!! What a great idea. Our soil is orange clay. I wanted to try one of those raised beds but lumber is so expensive. I think I’ll try your idea. Thank you!

  1. I love this idea! We have terrible soil here. We also have deer that tramp through our yeard and eat everything. sigh…

  2. Wait! You have sun? I haven’t seen that animal in months!
    Would you believe (I think you will) that I got a bunch of nasty emails when I said in one of my posts that I’m a girl and do not like doing yardwork. People had a problem with that?
    I am perfectly happy sitting in the lounger watching my hubby do yard work while I work on my tan. And he is perfectly happy sitting in his Lazy Boy watching TV while I work hard at making yummy meals we both love. LOL

  3. Glad that you are feeling better! Does Superman always avoid looking at the camera? He’s used to it, I suppose…the picture taking that is.

  4. Tanya, This is a great gardening idea that I would like to try. So, if you don’t mind sharing a few details.

    1) do you poke any holes in the pools for drainage?
    2) how full do you fill the pool with dirt?
    3) how many bags of top soil is needed for each pool?
    4) what have you successfully planted in your pools?

    I think that’s a start. I can’t wait to read your answers! TIA ~ PattyMO

    1. 1. Superman drilled holes in the bottom about the size of a quarter. Then we laid window screening over top so that grubs couldn’t get in.

      2. Almost full. We filled them about 6-8 inches deep.

      3. I’m not sure. We got free dirt for the first 3. Then when we moved them 2 Saturdays ago, we mixed them half free dirt, and half top soil from Stuffmart. 10-12 bags filled the last pool. I over calculated and got way more than necessary. I took the rest back.

      4. Onion, garlic, tomato, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, strawberries, and this year I am trying potatoes.

      Good luck.

  5. I saw your twitter post about Farm town on Facebook…I too am so addicted to that game…I worry about my harvest dying if I can’t get back on there to get it harvested…lol

  6. Have you ever heard of growing things out of a straw bale? “Garden Talk” on 610 radio says that after a straw bale starts to rot, you can grow stuff in it. It will need more fertilizer more often, but they swear by it.(potatoes, too!)

  7. Enjoy the SEASON…
    Oh what I would give to plant strawberries around here….although it is summer year round, it is also not conducive for strawberry to grow… MMM… all that hard work will pay of on harvest time..

  8. Teehee! I totally agree. When The Husband walked through a door before me the first time my dad knocked him on the head. Thank GOODNESS there are moms out there that are teaching their boys to be GENTLEmen… not just pains in the butt.


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