May 5

I have no excuses.

Just reasons.

Reasons why this post is late.

1.  I’m sick.

2.  I forgot to upload photo’s, so it took me a while to photoshop them this morning.

3.  I slept in.

4.  And I’m drinking hot chocolate.

With marshmallows.

Am I forgiven?

Well, you might want to wait before you say “sure chickiepoo, I forgive you”.

I have another confession.

I don’t like coffee.

Oh, Internet, can you tell me why the smell of coffee is fabulous.

It almost drives me insane that something that smells so wonderful tastes so…not.

I’ll also admit that I have gone to the local coffee shop and ordered my share of javaccinos…which are nothing more than milk, flavoring, ice, whipped cream, and a minute splash of coffee…so minute that  it  shouldn’t be counted.

When I saw that we were making this Tiramisu Cake for today’s TWD, my heart sunk.

Just a wee bit.

Then I remembered…today is Superman’s birthday and he hearts coffee.


I’ll make this for his birthday.

So I did.

And you know what?

It wasn’t that bad.

Will I make it again?


Will you want to make it?

If you heart coffee you will.

Just head on over to Megan’s blog she has the recipe.

Am I forgiven???



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72 thoughts on “May 5”

  1. Oh! I heart coffee flavour indeed (just not coffee in a cup!) …so I’m anxious to see if I do like this as mucn as you foresee (didn’t taste mine yet!). I’m very sorry you didn’t… too bad, cause it looks pretty darn good from here!

  2. I love coffee. And mascarpone. And chocolate. So, I made one very small dessert, so I wouldn’t go nuts and eat the whole thing. Because in my house, my husband is the one who doesn’t do coffee!

  3. You non coffee people are like food texture people. I can’t understand you. It’s like you’re speaking Italian or something.

    Happy Birthday, Superman!!! I love following this blog because I love reading about your wonderful family. So I hope you have a great birthday with awesome food and family fun time.

  4. Sorry you are sick. 😦

    Gorgeous cake. I’ll have a piece. YUM.

    I can’t stand drinking coffee either. However, I LOVE coffee ice cream. I had the best Tiramisu at a lovely restaurant the other night. One bite and I was in heaven, swoon…

    OK, where did you get those chips? I have never seen them before. I would love to make chocolate chip cookies with them.

  5. Hey, I recognize that tag, you’ve been shopping at “Big Lots.” I big lots! You can always find interesting items there.

    And, honestly, I don’t like coffee, either, only in a highly sweetened chocolatey form! (I also don’t like wine. I really am a rube!)

  6. I heart coffee. My blood type is maxwell house.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby! Best wishes for a wonderful day.

    Where pray tell did you get Guittard Chocolate for $2?

  7. I feel you on the coffee. It smells so yummy but tastes so bad. I didn’t love this either but my husband did. I love the little cappuccino chips. Too cute.

  8. Oh, how beautiful this looks…I think anyone who produces something this lovely can be forgiven a multitude of things. Where do you all come up with these flavored chips??? I am with you, I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste of it. I am sorry you are ill…hope you are better soon! Have some cake!

  9. Hahaha – I do heart coffee so I absolutely loved it. I’ve never seen those cappuccino chips before but will have to keep an eye out for it. Your cake looks wonderful!

  10. I’m definitely NOT a coffee fan, either. The smell is amazing and makes me want to eat the coffee beans or grounds, but it’s just not for me. The cake looks spectacular, though! Those cappuccino chips were a terrific idea.

  11. You obviously put your heart into this cake, based on the photos. I especially like the big shards of chocolate sprinkled all over the top. Yum!

  12. I don’t like coffee either, but somehow I loved this one! It tasted like those ‘javaccinos’ with just a hint of coffee to me 😉 Beautiful job!

  13. OH, I heart coffee a lot. Almost too much. The way you heart chocolate. Your cake looks gorgeous. Especially with the cappuccino chips.

  14. With pictures like this you are totally forgiven! I heart your pictures so.

    I only like coffee if it comes with lots of sugar, cream and even whipped cream and more sugar;)

  15. Late? It is still Tuesday here. Was that a Big Lots sticker on those cappucino chips? MMMM, I will have to try those. I hope you get feeling better! too bad this cake couldn’t “pick you up”.

  16. So you don’t drink coffee? wow. I could not live without my morning coffee.
    Do you like photoshop?
    I recently had my recipes & photos scraped and used by another blogger. I’m taking measures to protect my photos and recipes now.
    I notice on your photos you cannot click on them. Please tell me how to do this. I would love the help and/or any advice you can lend.

        1. I noticed that on photoshop you can add your pic and keep it private (almost like flickr). Do you think photoshop is good to use too?
          See I have to start putting my name on my photos as they were stolen and re-used (as well as the recipes). So can do that easily with photoshop, not so easily with flickr.

  17. You are very good to Superman. My husband says that I drink “coffee”. There’s so much other stuff in there that it can’t truly be called coffee.

  18. Isnt that funny how you love the smell of coffee but not the taste…I was always that way as a kid. It took me years to like coffee. Hope your superman liked this cake. 😉 Looks great to me!

  19. WOW, this cake looks so exquisite. I wish I had access to cappuccino chips. I will try and make these substituting using Kahlua as my coffee liquer. YUMMY..

  20. Happy Birthday to Brad. 39? Are you really sick,Tanya? I don’t like coffee either. A good hot cup of tea for me. Your cake looked really yummy.

  21. So sorry that you are feeling bad. Sometimes baking can make you feel better and I believe that it is a proven fact that chocolate is a great cure for almost anything.

  22. Only because your photos are so lovely will I forgive you haha. The cake looks wonderful. You did an awesome job. I hear ya on the smell vs. taste of coffee. It is quite the conundrum. I gave up coffee last May, so I wouldn’t have been able to consume this delicious-looking dish either.

    Happy Birthday, Superman! (I feel wrong for calling him that. I feel like only you should do that LOL!) Happy Birthday, Chocolatechic’s husband! Ahh, much better.

  23. We forgive you Tanya – I’d like chocolate with marshmallows on top too. Hope you are feeling better. Superman is very lucky – how fortuitous. Happy birthday to Superman!

  24. I love tiramisu, but I actually only like them when the coffee-taste is not to overpowering…. Maybe my Strawberry and White Chocolate Tiramisu would be just the recipe for you: no coffee at all in there!!!

    Thanks for commenting on my ring, I really love it too!! I especially love it because it was a bargain: it’s silver and I only paid € 5 for the ring, which is about $ 6,21 🙂

  25. SCORE!!!! For the Superman and Happy Birthday to him! Well, duh, of course the wifey is forgiven. I mean really Chocolatechic! What more could a coffee loving birthday boy want? Still, I hope you get back on your baking feet soon, girlie!
    Great Job for the Chocolatechic!

  26. what a great bday cake for Superman. i love coffee as long as it’s not bitter or strong. i prefer to drink it, i don’t like it flavoring my foods or anything like that.

  27. To each her own. You are abundantly forgiven. And you get extra points for being such a good sport to make it even if you didn’t think you’d like it! The result looks terrific!!

  28. Now T. That’s just awful! I LOVE coffee! Can’t live without it actually. It’s one of the main reasons I’m not a mom yet. Can’t give up the addiction for 10 months. KIDDING! Well, kidding about that being a main reason… not kidding about not living without coffee.

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